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Ê Two Old Fools on a Camel (Old Fools, #3) ó Download by ¸ Victoria Twead In This, The Third Of The Old Fools Trilogy, Vicky And Joe Leave Their Spanish Mountain Village To Work For A Year In The Middle East How Could They Know That The Arab Spring Was Poised To Erupt, Throwing Them Into Violent Events That Would Make World Headlines I enjoyed some of the events, but I do not find much humor in making fun of other people, so I found that part distasteful Very little was written about the actual political events in Bahrain, thus I found that disappointing A great deal was written about socializing with other staff members and playing barroom type pranks on one another I didn t find those events interesting My favorite parts involved the stories about the students, the classroom activities, and the challenges that arose in trying to teach in a very different culture I admire the author and her husband for their brave and adventuresome spirit, but I would not go out of my way to recommend this book to others.
Won t make a camel laughAs I always finish what I start I kept going through this turgid drivel.
What a piece of vanity writing The author is irritating, ignorant and arrogant by turn.
Her constant references to the clothing worn by Muslim women gave me the impression she thought herself superior to them, as she undoubtedly did to her pupils After all, it was their fault they didn t learn Not her s for being a poor, unimaginative teacher.
The tale was sadly lacking in the hilarity promised in the introduction.
The first and definitely the last in this sorry saga that I will ever read.
The one star is for inclusion of the recipes even though these are someone else s creation.
As an overseas educator who also worked in the Middle East, Victoria captured the daily school life perfectly The madness of missing teachers, horrific student discipline, screwed up schedules, riding the school van to and from school, constant school days off, not to mention the safety issues, are all things that we dealt with, too It goes without saying that I could really relate to the experiences in her book, however I thought there was too much written about the idiocy of one teacher in particular I wonder if he even knew that he was being written about Victoria s descriptions of the teachers and her sense of humor kept the book interesting You gotta have a good sense of humor to be able to live and work in the Middle East A sort of silly book about two married teachers that need money so they go to the middle East as the Arab Spring errupts It is part of a series which I find surprising because it is poorly written and not vry interesting and so I find it diffucult to understand how books on the topic by this author could find a publisher.
Oh well, to each their own Book 3 in the Two Old Fools series There were some moments I was laughing so loud that people around me thought I was losing it including the dog I did really miss El Hoyo, but am so glad to have had another glimpse into life, this time taking the brave step to move to Bahrain to teach for a year Thanks for another brilliant read, Victoria You are a great storyteller Can t wait to see what s next I read this book because it revolved around my school during my time there There are a lot of funny and nostalgic moments that made me smile However, there were a lot of details that I personally found over exaggerating and to some point stereotypical.
Vicky and Joe have left their beloved Spanish home in El Hoyo, to spend a year teaching in Bahrain Unfortunately, the children they are hoping to inspire are not too well behaved, and not too willing to learn Thankfully, they form strong bonds with fellow teachers and lasting friendships are born.
Book 3 of their adventures is peppered with Vicky s witty anecdotes, and includes some very funny conversations I particularly enjoyed reading about the children s spelling attempts, the challenges of learning their names and keeping discipline in the class.
The frightening events of The Arab Spring force Vicky and Joe to make a difficult decision to remain in Bahrain for another year or return to Spain.
As a Bahraini, I bought this book out of nostalgia, and in many ways it truly entertained me to read a British teacher s experiences with Bahraini locals, culture, and education, as well as the Arab Spring.
However, reading it now, I can t help but notice the Orientalist undertones behind her perspective The way women were described as exotic with their veils or the italicized hijab which was referred to so frequently , or her surprise at the lack of camels roaming the streets in the 21st century Gulf , or the rather annoyingly naive way in which she described the political tensions in the country, all of this was frankly patronizing and ignorant I understand that at the end of the day this is a quasi memoir of a British couple s year teaching in the region, so it is bound to be loaded with their pre eminent biases, I was really interested in this book as I wanted to learn about the country and customs and all the reviews said how funny it was I was very disappointed.
It was about a couple who were British, but had lived in Spain They went to earn money and teach in Bahrain for at least a year or maybe I was really horrified at the way the school was run The students were also disgusting to my way of thinking They were spoiled and undisciplined and used to their parents buying them anything Some of the things the author pointed out were things I had never thought of the fact that there is really no countryside to enjoy The students didn t have any pets They thought people who were poor were of no value.
It did describe the Arab Spring uprisings and that was interesting, although I think I would have left the country befo

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Ê Two Old Fools on a Camel (Old Fools, #3) ó Download by ¸ Victoria Twead Victoria Twead is a New York Times bestselling author In 2004 she nagged poor, long suffering Joe into leaving Britain and relocating to a tiny, remote mountain village in Andaluc a, where they became reluctant chicken farmers and owned the most dangerous cockerel in Spain Village life inspired Victoria s first book, Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools, which was quickly followed by in the