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Ð Read ¼ Starlets Web (The Starlet, #1) by Carla J. Hanna Ü Liana Marie is 17 and surrounded by success, from her actress mother to her Hollywood hunk of a boyfriend, to her 2 million dollar home overlooking the canyon She travels, acts, dreams and loves.
Liana success has its repercussions Everything that she is must be painted for her, and her image hand designed by Hollywood After all, image is success, right But, too much success and you will become a human target Women have begun to hate her and her beauty They hate her continual success and fame Simply put, the public hates how everything goes so perfectly for the young starlet Her hot hunk of a boyfriend, super sexy Evan, only fuels the female public opinion that Liana is too successful so, when Hollywood needs a change, it rewrites What did I like about this book I loved the story, I loved the details and how Marie dealt with it, the author I thought wrote a great book and can t wait to read the next one This was a book I couldn t put down What I didn t like Even though I liked the way the book was written and the style, I felt some of the words that were used were out of character for that age group More adult than young adult But I also felt that it is better to use these words then the other words because any young adult reading it would do better using those words.
I did receive this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
I got the Kindle free in exchange for a review and then bought the paperback of this great book Being a teen actress would be intense Here s my review of this great read Life is complex People do bad things but aren t bad people A Hollywood starlet lives in a fast paced world and experiences than I will in a life time She loves her flawed parents and has only a few friends But as a human, she is just like me or any teen who wants control over her life.
I like the characters in the book Liana Marie is a strong girl on a journey, learning to accept life s good and bad and choose what is best for her She s loving and understanding which helps her cope I think of Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit or Lily Collins from Mirror Mirror, Phil Collin s daughter Some readers will be too bitter to understand Lia, but most will understand her need to forgive in order I thought this book was really disjointed and didn t make a lot of sense, and I m assuming this book was the author s first foray into writing This book definitely could ve used a better editor, at the very least As I read this ebook, since I was so bored with the story, it became a game to bookmark pages with errors, but then I was bookmarking so many pages that I finally gave up The book would bring up characters and names that you hadn t heard of before with no explanation of who they were, as if you were just supposed to guess or automatically know who they were It was like those annoying people that tell you stories about their families and friends and all of the people they are mentioning are complete strangers whose names you ve never heard before, but they don t bother to explain who they are and act as if you s As soon as I started reading this book I realised it would appeal immensely to many girls in their teens and twenties.
Set in Hollywood it has all the glitz of a Jackie Collins novel but with a young adult storyline.
Marie Michael s is a child star emerging into adulthood amidst the cutthroat cynical film industry, under the guidance of her very famous actor mother A woman who has herself had to make hard choices and decisions in order to become successful, and make her career flourish in the spider s web of Hollywood The story begins with Marie learning from her handsome heartthrob star boyfriend Evan that she has to accept the studio s decision for them to endure a public break up, for the sake of her career Devastated, immediately we discover her vulnerability as she turns to her lifelong friend Manuel f I was not the fly in the spider s web I was the web and the spider and the fly and the force keeping the web strong and in place Such is the life of eighteen year old celebrity Liana Marie Michael As Lia navigates Hollywood while trying to stay true to herself and her beliefs, she encounters than her fair share of obstacles including exploitation, manipulation, and betrayal often from unexpected, but familiar places Full review on my blog at Love Lies Acting A Novel About Celebrity Influence Teens In Hollywood What Makes A Star Shine Humility Empowers The Spirit SometimesDiscover The Starlet Series For New Adult College Readers And Uncover The Life Of A Talented Actress Caught In Hollywood S Web Of LiesI M Actress Liana Marie Michael I Won An Oscar At But Whatever Celebrity Is What It Is Marketing A Product I M Part Of A Tight Knit Group I Keep To Myself And Don T Complain About My Life I Ve Been Happy Until LatelyEvan Dumping Me Leveled Me Matthew Shocked Me I Knew He Couldn T Hurt Me With My Bodyguard So Near, But His Eyesso I Have Trust Issues Dating Super Hot Byron Didn T Help Clear The Confusion Either I M Torn Between Going To Church On Sunday And Making A Living From Pop CultureBut Experience Builds Perspective My Days Of Shutting Up Needed To End First, I Told Manuel Then I Told My Mom It Turned Out Awesome Until I Learned The TruthNow I M Screwed Totally Let S Face It Hollywood S Web Entangles EveryoneWinner Of The January , IBD Award Gold Medal Winner, AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest YA Fans Will Absolutely Want To Check Out This Series, Where They Ll Find A New Heroine To Root For In The Flawed But Sympathetic Liana BlueInk Review Genres YA Contemporary Romance, Teen Love And Romance, Young Adult, Coming Of Age Fiction, New Adult Fiction, Edgy Inspirational Romance, Multicultural Romance Contains Sex And Mild Swearing Full disclosure Carla J Hanna s agent contacted me and gave me a free ebook in exchange for an honest review This is not the sort of book I d normally read, but I m glad I did, even if it was a little rough around the edges What I mean by that is Starlet s Web had great characters, a decent plot and a good message, but fell flat when it came to dialogue and having a believable ending.
Marie is a child actress who got her start at age 14 and is now 17 going on 18 And although it looks like she has everything she could ever want, Marie is far from happy She s in love with her best friend and thoroughly disgusted with the Hollywood lifestyle that promotes drinking, drugs and sex, even to minors In addition to her hectic filming and publicity schedule, she also attends high school, which just adds to the s If you are looking for some excellent young adult romance writing, look no further Carla J Hanna s Starlet s Web is a story of betrayal, loss and, ultimately, love.
The story centers around the life of a young actress, Liana, who has all the success in her acting career that one could hope for With an Oscar already under her belt, she has what appears to be a bright, star studded, future ahead of her.
Liana s whirlwind stardom leaves the young woman lost in a sea of parties, interviews and publicity that leave her feeling isolated and miserable Add in the pressures of being expected to act like a star, and Liana finds herself overwhelmed Will she be able to escape the web of fame with the help of the love of a longtime friend The characters in this book are easy for reader s to sympathize with and each one feels v I won the entire trilogy in a giveaway I haven t read the other two books yet, but if the first book is anything to go by, this is going to be a fun series.
This series has a lot going for it The main character was unexpectedly innocent in spite of her immersion in Hollywood culture, but that just made her likeable She was also fairly realistic, and given that she s an A list actress and the novel starts with her mentioning the multimillion dollar home she d just purchased for herself, I wasn t exactly expecting that Most of the other supporting characters were equally engaging, and if there was a LOT of dialogue and the characters were probably emotionally expressive than the majority of people actually are, that did allow the plot to move forward at a good pace This definitely isn t a run of the mill romance, though

Carla J. Hanna

Ð Read ¼ Starlets Web (The Starlet, #1) by Carla J. Hanna Ü pamyatnik.pro Starlet s Web took GOLD and Starlet s Light brought in SILVER in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Carla J Hanna is the author of award winning young adult romance and coming of age fiction novels for readers who enjoyed Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember, Elizabeth Gilbert s Eat, Pray, Love, Gayle Forman s If I Stay, or John Green s The Fault in Our Stars.Mrs Hanna lived in