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[Evangeline Kelley] Ê Seaside Harmony (Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn #1) [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Read Online á The First Book In A Charming New Series That Is A Perfect Escape For The Summer When Caroline Marris Joins Her Sisters Gracie Gold And Sam Carter For A Nantucket Island Getaway, She Has No Idea How It Will Change Her Life The Sisters Stumble Upon Misty Harbor Inn, The Place Their Late Mother Loved So Much, And Caroline Talks Her Sisters Into Buying The Beautiful But Dilapidated Inn But Can Free Spirited Caroline Stay Focused Enough To Make Opening The Inn A Reality Hand Drawn Old Postcards Draw The Sisters Into The Mystery Of Hannah Montague, The Young Widow Of The original Owner Can The Sisters Uncover The Fate Of This Woman Who Disappeared In As Caroline And Her Sisters Work Together To Make Their Mom S Dream A Reality, They Bond In Ways They Never Expected I will leave this at three stars because I couldn t finish the book I really didn t like any of the three sisters, the writing was okay at best, and I felt like I was watching Antiques Roadshow than anything else Not worth my time to finish.
I ve always imagined what it might be like to open a Bed and Breakfast in some wonderful location and that s just what the premise is behind Seaside Harmony by author Evangeline Kelley In this charming and poignant novel, three sisters, Caroline Marris, Gracie Gold and Sam Carter revisit Nantucket to share once in the fond memories from their childhood and the passing of their mother Her mother had always dreamed of one day owning the now vacant Misty Harbor Inn, and restoring it to the grandeur of the Inn it once was Now that the three sisters are in their later years, Caroline and Sam feel a pull to resurrect the dream of their mom now that the Inn is for sale and is in need of much renovations They feel if they can all pool their mother s inheritance money than they wouldn t have to finance the Inn and could own it outright, b Seaside Harmony is the delightful tale of three middle aged sisters Caroline Marris, Gracie Gold and Sam Carter, who reunite in Nantucket after their mother s funeral to revisit fond childhood memories of summers spent on the island While on the island, they are dismayed to find that their mother s favorite place, the Misty Harbor Inn is now a rundown ramshackle that is on the market for sale It had once been their mother s dream to own the historic inn, so Caroline talks her sisters into buying and restoring the inn back to its former glory and covert it into a BB As the three sisters work together to restore the inn, they reestablish their sisterly bond and close relationship after having drifted apart w Let down.
I loved the book all its stories But I feel so let down at the ending Such a sad feeling Three sisters vacation together in Nantucket after their mother s death, to reconnect with each other When one suggests they use their inheritance to buy a rundown Inn from their childhood and start the Bed and Breakfast their mother always wanted, they may end up even farther apart than before they set out.
I loved this book because I ve sometimes wondered myself, Why not start a B and B How much fun would that be All three characters, Caroline, Sam, and Gracie, have believable reactions to the idea enthusiasm, a tempered idea, and skepticism Each has a distinct personality and their interaction as sisters was believable.
The plot was well paced, though a little fast towards the end I also would have liked to see description of the actual house, to have a better idea of what it looked like Enjoyable series.
Great book 5 stars Was able to visualize the beautiful island of Nantucket The visualizations were nostalgic Wasn t the best read honestly and I had trouble making myself finish it I lost interest half way through and wished for a powerful storyline.
This was my first book by this author I really enjoyed this book Caroline Marris has always loved Nantucket Childhood vacations with her parents and two sisters left her with cherished memories and a longing to return When she agrees to vacation there with her sisters, Gracie Gold and Sam Carter, as a way to reconnect and honor their late mother, Caroline has no idea how this holiday will change her life The sisters stumble upon Misty Harbor Inn, the place their mom loved so much, where she took them for tea when they were young They are shocked to see it abandoned and for sale Caroline talks her sisters into buying the beautiful but dilapidated inn, and they begin the daunting process of renovation But can free spirited Caroline remain focused enough to make opening the inn a reality And when the sisters find a cache o

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[Evangeline Kelley] Ê Seaside Harmony (Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn #1) [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Read Online á pamyatnik.pro Evangeline Kelley is the pen name for the writing team of Patti Berg, Pam Andrews Barbara Hanson, and Camy Tang, the four authors who collaborated to create Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn Each of them has published novels individually, but this is their first series together.