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[A.S.A. Harrison] Ä The Silent Wife [short-stories PDF] Read Online ✓ A Chilling Psychological Thriller About A Marriage, A Way Of Life, And How Far One Woman Will Go To Keep What Is Rightfully Hers Jodi And Todd Are At A Bad Place In Their Marriage Much Is At Stake, Including The Affluent Life They Lead In Their Beautiful Waterfront Condo In Chicago, As She, The Killer, And He, The Victim, Rush Haplessly Toward The Main Event He Is A Committed Cheater She Lives And Breathes Denial He Exists In Dual Worlds She Likes To Settle Scores He Decides To Play For Keeps She Has Nothing Left To Lose Told In Alternating Voices, The Silent Wife Is About A Marriage In The Throes Of Dissolution, A Couple Headed For Catastrophe, Concessions That Can T Be Made, And Promises That Won T Be Kept Expertly Plotted And Reminiscent Of Gone Girl And These Things Hidden, The Silent Wife Ensnares The Reader From Page One And Does Not Let Go This was a good psychological thriller but it might not be for everyone The Silent Wife has already been reviewed to death so I will just say ONLY read this book if you can tolerate unlikeable characters Todd and Jodi are horrible It is mainly told in third person For me this was a good thing If it was first person I don t think I would have liked this book at all.
If you can tolerate horrible characters definitely read it It s a descent story that twists and turns and has an ending that is hard to predict.
At the moment, I am wearing my book reviewing outfit of jeans and a t shirt, but soon I will change into some sweatpants to take a nap on the couch under the window that looks out onto the sprawling landscape of my driveway Then I will put on a smart pair of yoga pants and a crisp k way jacket to get some groceries When I get back, having bought only food that I enjoy because that s who the world revolves around, I will change into my coffee making outfit consisting of whatever little dress still fits after a couple of kids and a sedentary winter, with some cute uggs because my feet are so darn cold, but will change again before we eat some adorably twee appetizer of something creamy on a cracker, and then will change just one time before dinner into something that I know my husband will love If anybody in my house does anything to disrespect or displease me, I will say

5Newest pet peeve When the marketing department in a publishing house decides it would be a great idea to promote just about any new psychological thriller as The NEW Gone Girl to sell the hell out of it This seems unfair to me If a person loved Gone Girl they could be disappointed, and if they hated Gone Girl they might not give it a chance.
I loved Gone Girl I loved The Silent Wife The Silent Wife is NOT Gone Girl Yes, there are a few similarities A toxic marriage, husband and wife narrators, and unlikable for most readers main characters, but to me this is where the similarities end.
Setting Chicago in Autumn.
The Players Him Todd the husband A despicable man in his mid 40s, a perpetual cheater who has zero self awareness, and uses his childh this book has been compared to gone girl, but that is a somewhat flawed n lazy comparison however, if your response to that book was any of the following Had a difficult time getting through this book didn t really care for the characters I hate the general misanthropy that infests most of modern fiction.
I prefer a book with at least one sympathetic character and I couldn t stand any of these people.
unlikable people doing unlikable things There wasn t a character you could even try to like you probably won t like this book the above responses are the kinds of responses that frustrate me when i read them no one is asking for you to become friends with these characters they aren t there for you to like me and catherine earnshaw would probably not get along over drinks, but the strength of that character as written is undeniable characters exist as par

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[A.S.A. Harrison] Ä The Silent Wife [short-stories PDF] Read Online ✓ pamyatnik.pro A S A Susan Harrison s previous books include Orgasms Coach House Press, 1974 , Revelations, with Margaret Dragu Nightwood Editions, 1987 , and Zodicat Speaks Viking Penguin, 1996 The Silent Wife is her debut novel and she was at work on a new psychological thriller when she died in 2013, aged 65 Harrison was married to the visual artist John Massey and lived in Toronto.