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[Amanda Carpenter] ½ The Great Escape [2nd-grade PDF] Read Online ¼ A romantic suspense that starts out in Akron Ohio doesn t seem like usual HP fare The heroine is a 17 year old runaway and the hero is a 29 year old private investigator who has been tracking her for the last nine months The heroine is very inventive in how she escapes over and over again , and when she does stop running their romance is very convincing There is a twist that the hyper intelligent heroine does not see and adds a nice dollop of angst at the end The villains of the story are a bit OTT and the cops and court system are never mentioned so that was kind of weird I m not a fan of suspense, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this and believed in the romance The hero is a good guy and the heroine had a lot of spirit without being feisty or rude The ending rounded off things nicely and put the H h on equal footing Then there was the added bonus of hearing CB Totally awesome story The heroine was a rich 17 year old on the run from evil relatives The hero is the private investigator hired to bring the runaway home She was a super smart girl The type who went to college at 16 So she totally made him work to catch up with her And once he did she never gave up just kept escaping and he kept running her down and catching her again Of course during all this they were falling in love.
There were some unexpected bits that totally took me by surprise And there were some pleasant surprises in the writing too Even though this was written back when 17 year old heroines were matched up quite often with much older men, the hero was 29 here the situation was addressed and str Almost worthy of the hype.
This is like romantic suspense than a typical Harlequin but I enjoyed it 17 year old millionaire heiress runs away from home and the detective hero has been on her tail for the past 9 months The H h are both pretty smart and they eventually enjoy matching wits against each other The best thing about the novel IMO is that the heroine is fully realized with her intelligence and hope for her future than you usually find in the short format I still found a 17 yr old having sex with a 29 yr old man kinda icky but at least the bk acknowledged the issue.
Setting Ohio and KentuckyGrade BNote AC now writes paranormal romances as Thea Harrison Another one that falls into the bonkers category with regards to the storyline.
The h in this one is only 17 nearly 18 and shes been on the run for nearly a year the H is a 29 year old PI sent to track her down as her Aunt Uncle guardians want all her money and to kill her off.
Shes pretty smart and has managed to evade him for 9 months now but hes finally caught up with her and while she manages to escape him a few times, including roofie ing In the end she decides to trust him and go with the flow though.
These 2 pretty much fall in insta love which these days would be massively frowned upon in HPlandia 17 year olds should not be shaking up with 29 year olds its just not done These days he would have been uber mean FINALLY This AC book wipes out the weird taste from that other AC book, The Gift of Happiness This one carries through with the gutsy heroine It s so simple Kids who are emotionally abused and scared DO grow up to be mature quite early on They are not like normal kids and this is reflected in the book The fact that the h out smarted the H again and again even he is surprised by how many times she manages it is amazing You can truly feel her desperation Loved the maturity of the writing and the way the young heroine justified the relationship You don t feel like the H took advantage of her It feels very natural and not at all ew.
Recommended for fans of gutsy heroines Re The Great Escape Caveat Emptor about this one the h is only 17 and had to be for the plot to work and the H is 29 If that doesn t freak you out, you re in for a pretty good read The story goes that the h s parents were really rich, they died, her aunt and uncle got guardianship and insidiously started to isolate her The h, knowing this is abuse, finds a way out and at the start of the story she is on the run and growing up fast The H is the detective who thinks he is tracking down a petulant teenage runaway That is not the case as he soon finds out.
This h is smart, like college at 16 smart and she continually torments him and outwits him and outruns him too until the inevitable happens and the H totally falls in love They start a relationship and the words s He Was Always Just One Step Behind HerWherever Dee Went, Mike Carridine Followed Not A Bodyguard, Not A Lover, But A Private Investigator Hired To Track Her DownShe D Been Running For Nine Months, Attempting To Elude Him Sooner Or Later She D Have To StopAnd On That Day She Would Be Forced To Surrender To Mike Carridine And Allow Him To Return Her To The Vicious Relatives And Unwanted Fortune She D So Desperately Tried To Escape Great start, ho hum ending The Great Escape is the story of Mike and Dee, and has got to be one of the most fascinating HQN stories ever The story starts with our h working as a waitress, spotting a stranger and planning an escape Soon we come to know how she s been escaping and surviving, how Mike has been on her heels the whole time as they they start colliding and her life gets threatened, Mike ends up becoming her barrier.
I loved Dee Young, but strong and determined She outsmarted everyone including the hero like Houdini, and I loved her spirit The hero was determined and alpha, but the heroine was the star of this book.
There is a heavy dose of angst towards the end, but it made the read even sweeter Very very safe4 5Ps When the couple sleeps together the first time, the h is 17 and H is much older It s all legal tho I was so disturbed by the heroine s stupid and irresponsible actions at the end of the book, it ruined my enjoyment.
But some readers might not be bothered It s personal preference It is a major spoiler so I m describing the end of the book in a comment after this review.
Some readers might be bothered because a 17 year old female has sex with a 30 year old man They cross state lines together There are laws about these things I just pretended she was 21, because I enjoyed the first half Dee does some smart things as she is fleeing.
One weakness I wanted to know how Mike found Dee after nine months of looking I wanted to see his thought processes and actions to find her at the restaurant, her home, and after hitchhiking That would have added some depth As it was, Mike just magically shows up.
As they start to like each other, the author tells about their evening instead of

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[Amanda Carpenter] ½ The Great Escape [2nd-grade PDF] Read Online ¼ pamyatnik.pro Thea Harrison resides in northern California She wrote her first book, a romance, when she was nineteen and had sixteen romances published under the name Amanda Carpenter.She took a break from writing to collect a couple of graduate degrees and a grown child Her graduate degrees are in Philanthropic Studies and Library Information Science, but her first love has always been writing fiction She s back with her paranormal Elder Races series under the pseudonym