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[ Read Online Dial C For Chihuahua õ biblical PDF ] by Waverly Curtis õ Dial C For Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis is the first book in the Barking Detective Mystery series Geri Sullivan finds that her newly adopted chihuahua Pepe can talk, although she seems to be the only one that can understand him On her first assignment as a private investigator for Jimmy G, she stumbles across a dead body and when the police accuse her, she and Pepe investigate I enjoyed this book very much and I loved Pepe The investigation and mystery was a bit weak but still a lot of fun and very entertaining.
This book was so much fun I mean, who doesn t wish that their dog would really talk to them in a normal voice, right Pepe was so adorable not to mention smart and well educated He and his adopted owner Geri set out to be investigators and ended up cracking open not only the murder but another scheme that had been going on Geri s PI boss Jimmy G cracked me up It ll be interesting to see if he s in the next book, and if Geri continues dating Felix who she met when Pepe was terrorizing a dog he d been training If you want a fun fantasy mystery, this is a great start for this older series

I found this book to be a charming fantasy detective novel The simple fact that this vulnerable young woman, divorced and unable to move easily onwards in her life, desperately needing a paying job, and being advised by counselor and friends to get herself a companion dog, accepts almost without question a rescue Chihuahua that talks, took me easily into the world of fantasy and I found myself loving the tale.
Pepe, the Chihuahua who is delighted having a surname of Sullivan, after Geri Sullivan adopts him, is very much like the commercial of a copyrighted beer, he has done everything Pepe has been in the Mexican Circus, worked for the Federales, been a pocket dog for a movie starlet, and Pepe has taught himself many languages, so Spanglish is easy for him Pepe is the real detective, which is why this novel is the debut for A Barking Detective Mystery Geri lands a job This book is somewhat entertaining and not bad if you re looking for something light, but it does have some believability problems Oddly enough I m not referring to the talking Chihuahua I did after all choose to read a book about a talking dog, so I had to be willing to accept this aspect of the story Pepe the Chihuahua was actually the most realistic character in the story His personality was well developed and his reactions to events in the story were reasonable If a Chihuahua could talk, it would be Pepe The heroine however, did not show appropriate emotions I don t believe in giving away any of the plot, but since it s a mystery it s safe to assume there will be a corpse or two Your average person she is not really a pi after all would have some kind of emotion, a bit of revulsion at the very least, but Geri had no reaction to a murder victim than a hardened homicide d I really wanted to love this book, a cozy mystery featuring a dog as one of the main leads totally something I could get into Unfortunately it didn t live up to it s potential I mean considering this book features a talking Chihuahua I was prepared to forgive ignore quite a bit in terms of realism But this book just pushed it too far I lost count of how many times I sat for a few moments in stunned disbelief and not in a good way The characters were either one dimensional and boring or completely and utterly baffling and unbelievable Let s start with Geri our main female lead and Pepe s new companion She is a divorced 32 year old who just adopted Pepe the dog at the start of this book And it is apparent very early on she is no I m not hugely into talking animals I prefer to my animal heroes to be realistic in nature And I m not a big fan of chihuahuas So I expected to hate this book, though I love the author I was than pleasantly surprised This book is light hearted, easy to read, and pleasantly believable for a book with a talking dog If you like dogs, if you like mysteries, if you like Chihuahuas, if you like Seattle you ll love this book Thanks, Waverly Curtis for such a fun read It is not safe for Pepe the Chihuahua to be around los ninos children because they love him too much which is understandable Pepe is a cutie getting into trouble hiding evidence in the cat litter and dialing the phone, all while helping his owner, Geri, investigate crimes This book is a charmer A fun, fast paced mystery.
Ok, I admit it I almost didn t read this book Dogs aren t really my thing, and I m not particularly fond of my neighbor s chihuahuas But someone suggested I really must read it and besides, big admission, I know Waverly Curtis or rather the two authors who combine to be this pseudonym And so I read it And I loved it The book is fast paced Geri Sullivan is desperately seeking a job and finds herself at the Gerrard Agency applying to be a private investigator or perhaps a Girl Friday She also has a brand new, to her, canine companion Pepe, and they are all about learning each others needs It turns out they are a natural pair, and their communication Geri understands every word he says, though nobody else does feels natural and comes off hilarious in all the right moments Add to that a dead body and a I Am Pepe But You Can Call Me El Jefe Pepe May Have Soft White Fur, Big Brown Eyes, And Mucho Attitude But He S No Furry Fashion Fad Pepe Can Talk Even If His New Owner, Geri Sullivan, Seems To Be The Only Person Who Can Understand Him When Geri Takes On Her First Assignment For A Quirky Investigator Named Jimmy G And Stumbles Over A Seattle Millionaire S Corpse, Pepe Proves To Be Worth His Weight In Liver Treats Suspicion Falls On The Not So Grieving Widow, Who Wants To Finance A Reality TV Show, Dancing With Dogs Normally, Pepe Wouldn T Be Caught Muerte In A Sparkly Costume However, He Has To Sniff Out The Real Killer And Keep Geri Safe Lesser Dogs Might Flinch But Pepe Isn T The Kind To Turn Tail And Run I have waited too long to start this series Geri Sullivan has decided to adopt a pet She adopts a Chihuahua named Pepe, who she is able to talk to Geri takes Pepe on her first assignment for a PI job and finds a dead body The police think Geri had something to do with the crime With Pepe s help, Geri finds clues and starts to investigate.
I loved Pepe so much He has so much personality and the banter between him and Geri had me laughing I loved hearing his stories of previous owners and how he got his knowledge of crime scenes I can t wait to continue with this series.

Waverly Curtis

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