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[Tao Lin] Ä Taipei [africa PDF] Read Online Ï When I arrived in New York City in late June, it was almost impossible not to stumble onto articles regarding Tao Lin s latest effort, or to see its glossy cover in every single bookstore display A couple of weeks later, when I finally bought Taipei at Urban Outfitters of all places , I read the first pages on the line to the register, thinking that maybe it would get better on the next chapters I was wrong.
The whole novel can be resumed like this a bunch of kids doing drugs in a perfect world where you indiscriminately pop prescription pills to your mouth combining them with X, downers and heroin at the same time for months without feeling any side effects or OD ing, yada yada yada going to a McDonald s to shot a documentary with a MacBook, yada yada yada staying up all night updating Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Ultimately, because of what it explores, Taipei is not a pleasant novel to swallow It pulls you in and places you in the same back and forth conversations and awkward strolls through scenarios that have progressed past the point of being anything but awkward Awkwardness and confusion seep through every sentence and, as a result, Taipei becomes the novel you initially might not want it to become In the same way a person develops expectations for a person they just met, the reader begins to expect and assume the novel s trajectory, or lack of one A lot of readers will judge, and subsequently dismiss, the book long before it pulls you in for its final, sixth chapter, but for those that are fearless enough to continue reading, will discover a novel that outlines and reveals how it might be that no one, no matter how confident or outgoing, can ever t Taipei By Tao Lin Is An Ode Or Lament To The Way We Live Now Following Paul From New York, Where He Comically Navigates Manhattan S Art And Literary Scenes, To Taipei, Taiwan, Where He Confronts His Family S Roots, We See One Relationship Fail, While Another Is Born On The Internet And Blooms Into An Unexpected Wedding In Las Vegas Along The Way Whether On All Night Drives Up The East Coast, Shoplifting Excursions In The South, Book Readings On The West Coast, Or Ill Advised Grocery Runs In Ohio Movies Are Made With Laptop Cameras, Massive Amounts Of Drugs Are Ingested, And Two Young Lovers Come To Learn What It Means To Share Themselves Completely The Result Is A Suspenseful Meditation On Memory, Love, And What It Means To Be Alive, Young, And On The Fringe In America, Or Anywhere Else For That Matter Taipei The Charlie Rose interviewCharlie Rose When Tao Lin graduated New York University in 2005, he began a career which pumped new life into the world of contemporary letters His terse, tongue in cheek prose style has attracted critics and imitators in equal numbers, and his books, with provocative titles like Eeeee Eee Eeee and Shoplifting from American Apparel, have garnered praise and sidelong glances in the same way The new book is called Taipei I m here with Tao Lin.
Tao Lin Thanks, Charlie.
CR So, Tao, I finished the novel last night and, I have to say, it reminded me of a modern classic from some odd 10 years ago TL Is it, um Interpreter of Maladies CR It made me think of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time The way this main character, so evidently impaired, manages to function in the world at la Sorry, I can t finish it I had it on my device for a month and would dip in and out, hoping it would start capturing me, and did make it halfway through before abandoning it I really wanted to like it the way the Publishers Weekly reviewer did, but I found it self indulgent and far too specific repetitive about drug dosages to be halfway interesting After one chapter, the routine of new city drugs new girl to sleep with new book reading with warning e mails from publisher and or parent just wasn t interesting any Someone really interested in casual drug use and ennui would probably devour it I ll keep clinging tightly to the belief that there is to life.
A great part of this review is in dialogue with the recent interview Tao had with Michael Silverblatt at Bookworm Usually the books that I have given one star to have been books that made me mad or infuriated me books that were just a waste This book is just a simple and definitive did not like My main point being is that, while I have literary reservations with this novel, I mostly didn t like it because of my taste preference Starting off, I think this book has a lot of similarity to Bret Easton Ellis work and it didn t surprise me at all to discover that Bret Easton Ellis endorsed blurbed it Copious amounts of drugs ingested, characters very lonely and despondent, often unskilled in communication For every criticism I can give I can think of a rebuttal Although not every reader is fixed on LSD, Ritalin and shrooms, the dialogue of the drugs Plenty of good and bad has been written about the Taiwanese American author Tao Lin and his recent novel Taipei, and I had read enough of such criticism to suspect that this relatively conservative reader of a certain age would have real difficulty entering Tao s avant garde world I was pleasantly surprised Yes, as others have noted, Tao Lin, insofar as this novel can be read as thinly disguised autobiography, is maddeningly self obsessed If, for example, you pick up this book thinking you might learn something about Taipei, you will be disappointed that is, unless you are so benighted as to not suspect that might be McDonalds there Moreover, the novel is strikingly flat Not only does the narrator avoid psychological and intellectual depth anti

oh man, there s soemthing yu can have a feeling and a tao lin was important for making big a lot in the same dnio Allow me to inteoduce my review The past few times I ve been on Molly or ecstasy I ve wanted to review Taipei because I remember Tao encouraging people to review this book while peaking on MDMA or adderallHere s what happened, introduction part 2 rememvwred the review in the bathtub introduction part 3 I am peaking on ecstasy in a bathtub at a friend s house , decided the people in the next room don t need to know what I m doing, they are talking to each other so maybe they won t notice, wrapped towel around me, ran into room, grabbed phone, said I have some business to take care of and ran back into bathtubJust shouted business to people in other room saying what are you doing This is a review of TaipeiShit I forget it completely right nowThere was a draft I read where monkfish was focused on than in the final book I thinkPeakingI m put This was the longest Erowid report I ve ever read.

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