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[ Pdf The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess ☆ old-testament PDF ] by Starhawk ¶ I read the original back in grad school in the 90 s Even then it was dated I think there s good information here but it s biased by an assumption that is not known to be true The ancient religion of the goddess is just a hypothesis by anthropologists based on artifacts There is no proof that such a thing ever existed Modern witchcraft is very much that modern These things are important to keep in mind when studying about modern paganism.
That said, even if ancient goddess worship never existed who knows , Wicca and other modern day pagan belief systems are no less legitimate for it Starhawk does a good job of talking about how 20th century people blend ancient folklore with modern tradition in their worship and spirituality.
I first read The Spiral Dance when I was 15 or 16 and practicing with a group of awesome older pagan ladies In the 15 or 16 years since then, I moved away from this book and the ladies that I practiced with I forgot about this book Or, rather, what I remembered about this book was very much a misremembering of it The text of Starhawk s chapters is really good And in the chapter text, I can totally get down with what she s talking about a sex positive, earth based, power from within rather than power over spirituality, recognizing our oneness with nature and each other, and valuing that oneness as sacred She presents the Goddess religion as a feminist religion And, on the whole, in the body of the chapte The original Book That Brought Goddess Worship To The Public Eye Has Marked Its Th Anniversary, Yet It Still Remains An Integral Part Of The Wiccan Canon The Spiral Dance Leans Heavily Toward The Feminist Aspects Of Wicca, But Starhawk S Comments On The New Edition Make It Clear That She Is Aware Of The Growing Male Presence In Witchcraft However, This Edition Is Not Some Watered Down, Politically Correct Revision Of The original Very Little Is Changed Aside From The Addition Of Starhawk S Observations On How The Book Has Weathered Its First Decade, And What Few Changes She Would Make If She Were Writing It Today Readers Interested In Learning About Contemporary Witchcraft, Whether Considering Wicca As A Way Of Life Or Simply Desiring To Understand This Earth Based Religion, Will Find A Wealth Of Information In The Spiral Dance, And Will Notice That It Becomes One Of The Most Frequently Consulted books In Their Wiccan LibrariesBrian Patterson This book by far is the most influential book on Witchcraft to date I would venture that every Pagan has a copy Which is one reason why I hesitated to read it It is highly feminist which was something I was not looking for History and archaeology show that most of man s history was patriarchal Man was in charge, he wanted to control the womb thus control the future I must say that there were matriarchal societies in the Mediterranean This was not the norm for all over the world Her first chapter gives over a history that most society with exceptions with matriarchal and worshiped the goddess.
After all she was the one who gave birth The earth or the womb of the planet was where we returned to when we died in order to be reborn She basically recy Ok so who s in on the coven If you read this book, I highly recommend getting the 20th anniversary edition This allows you to read how Starhawk s thought has developed in the decades since the book was published The two introductions were some of my favorite parts, highlighting her changed thinking on gender, political engagement, and other issues I love to see a wise old witch remain open to learning new things, queering her old beliefs.
And I m also a sucker for all her wild and weird ritual write ups A valuable how to for covenless, rootless, secular witches like myself Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again, Starhawk This book is by far the very best book for those interested in pursuing Wicca Starhawk writes from a strictly Dianic view basically, emphasis in placed on the Divine Feminine There are many men involved in Wicca, but for the most part, they are Gardnerians Ceremonial Magicians The reason for this, as Starhawk explains, is that women are farconnected to the earth than their opposite gender We give birth and, in the old days, washed the bodies of our loved ones, and prepared them for burial.
The Spiral Dance itself is as old as time I would unhesitatingly recommend this book to anyone who does not have a fellow Wiccan around, to answer some of the many questions that quite naturally occur First, read Scott Cunningham s Wicca a Guide For the Solitary Practitioner then, if this appeals to you, follow with The Spiral Dance.
Easily the most bogus of the three Wiccan books I ve read Scott Cunningham s book does a better job of understanding that the laws of Wicca are very much made up by individuals as they go along and explains the principles behind the practices in psychological terms I guess Starhawk tries to do the same here but she also gets buried in lengthy descriptions of her own esoteric rituals and she is, let s face it, not an expert in any of the fields that this book touches on besides witchcraft itself so her attempts to explain her ideas with snatches of Jungian psychology were somewhat cringe worthy.
Another problem with Wicca is that the whole thing has all been made up by a bunch of enthusiasts in the 20th century It is a religious movement that so desperately wants to connect itself to a tradition that undoubtedly existed in some form many centuries ago but unfortun

I struggled most with the historical presumptions of this book I realize that, at the time the first edition was written, Starhawk was referencing history as proposed by other authors However, I read the 20th anniversary edition and I was disappointed that glaring historical inaccuracies were not called out until the last two chapters of the book, which were appended with later editions Her version of events paints a pretty story but it s painfully incorrect.
I honestly found the majority of this book to be a bit of a slog I felt like it wandered all over the county from mortifying herstory to romanticized personal accounts of rituals, back and forth through various feminist perspectives, occasionally touching on environmental activism Sometimes it read like a manual, sometimes it read like a personal journal, sometimes it read like a fai I borrowed a 1970s copy of this book from a friend It belonged to his mother complete with notes in the margins I absolutely loved this book Yes, it is in part a product of its time describing the God as rape fighter, heavily peppered with social justice statements, heavily feminist oriented I would be very excited to read the 20th anniversary edition in which the author comments on how things have changed since then I also know the history presented here is a little romanticized, but that being said.
This is the religion I wish to follow almost Some of the rituals suggested are a bit theatrical for me, and I do not think I would ever want to be naked in front of coven members, and I disagree when she says magick is best worked with a group However, the basic outline she provides here is fabulous and empowering The mythology to follow, the way to view the Huh.
This was intriguing, and covered a lot of the basic underpinnings of generic modern pagan thought, such as the mortal god immortal goddess stuff, the maiden mother crone stuff, and other stuff I enjoyed all this stuff pretty well Mythology is fun, even if it s something new pretending to be something old But the last half of the book is actually a spell book, with candles and little knives and visualizing the four winds and who knows what else This part I just couldn t read It was just so bloody silly After reading this book several years ago, I realized that, despite my best efforts, I was never going to be a pagan I m a born atheist, and I m finally okay with that now.


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