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✓ Diary of a One-Night Stand ¼ Download by ✓ Alexandrea Weis Alexandrea Weis Diary of a One Night Stand could easily be placed in both the romance and chick lit genres Kara, the main character, is a forty something year old wife and mother with a great law career On the outside looking in, it appears that Kara has the perfect life However, after her husband, Cal, has emergency heart surgery, Kara begins to feel a detachment in her marriage After months of unhappiness, bickering, and going through the motions in order to keep the status quo, Kara meets Scott Ellsworth Scott is the playboy or playman of New Orleans, with a bedpost full of notches Scott quickly sets his eyes on Kara as his latest conquest Kara makes a hard decision and feels that she deserves one night, and one night only, of passion with a stranger However, she soon realizes that for her there are no such thing as one night stan I was given this book to review and upon first glance I thought Yeah, this sounds good Good doesn t even begin to describe what I thought of it Alexandrea Weis wrote characters that are experiencing longing, need, sadness, guilt, desire, lustthings we all experience at some point or another Diary of a One Night Stand deals with real life, period.
I think that, becuase of the title, I expected a book full of sex and not much else Yes, there was sex involved but the story line went much deeper than a book full of sex scenes We follow Kara, an attorny, who is married to an attorny To others she has a great life, married to a wonderful man, has a great ten year old, and has a good career But married life is Review from know not many people are fans of them, but I enjoy novels centered around cheating if the plot is well written and thought out and the character s isn t cheating with everyone in sight just because.
Diary of a One Night Stand tells the story of a woman who I think many could relate to She s married to a man who works too much, spends too little time with their daughter and who she no longer finds attractive in any way During a work party, Kara suddenly finds herself drawn to Scott Ellsworth who easily convinces her to meet him at his hotel room one night and well, the title is born But of course nothing is ever just that one night, is it More sex, complications, a divorce and then the surprise ending all happens along the way.
I can t say that I was a fan of Kara s I wish she had been a little stronger in an independent sort of way She went from livin A few weeks back, I was after adult contemporary books to review and luckily for me, Alexandrea Weis offered me her book, Diary of a One Night Stand so a big thank you to Alexandrea I enjoyed this story, it was just what I was looking for at the time and the author did a good job captivating me from the start I enjoyed how the story started, it doesn t start like any other book it starts by the main character having a one night stand with a guy she s attracted too and then, the story starts to come together We see the characters enjoy each other s company and bring in passion and happiness into one another s lives, but we also see the characters struggle with loss, so the story does become quite emotional and I h It s refreshing that the heroine of Diary of a One Night Stand is not the usual twenty something Kara Barton is over forty, with a daughter of ten, which adds some much needed variation to the normal roster of romantic leads The same cannot quite be said of the One Night Stand of the title, Scott Ellsworth Scott is very much the mould of the good old fashioned dominant businessman dreamboat, so your enjoyment of the book will probably depend on how much you like that kind of character Confidence is certainly sexy, but Mr Ellsworth does rather take this to extremes he pretty much ignores all of Kara s requests and boundaries, on the assumption that he knows what s best for her Whether this adds fuel to the flames or is like a dash of cold water is for every woman to decide for herself The other player, Cal, begins the book with no redeeming char

A Romance masquerading as a Chick Lit, it even has a HEA Kara Barton is an attractive, intelligent forty something lawyer who has been married for 12 years and has a spirited and precocious ten year old daughter She also has a very unhappy marriage with her husband, Cal Feeling as if her youth is slipping away and that she is no longer sexually attractive, Kara succumbs to the flirtations of a handsome older man who invites her to join him in a night of unbridled passion With the promise that this will only be a one time thing, she gets what she wants passion, excitement but perhaps.
Scott Ellsworth is a man with a reputation He has a reputation for chasing married women and for causing than one divorce in the process but he, himself, has no desire to be tied down or even in a relationship Yet when Kara Barton comes into his life, things change He cannot resist her after their one ni I received this book From Alexandrea as a gift and I must say it was very intriguing and engaging as well When you are a 40 something year old woman in a marriage you feel is failing you just need to be reassured you are still attractive When Kara meets Scott for a what is thought of to be a one night stand her dream comes true, only Scott wants and so does she Her husband Cal becomes angry and violent so Scott takes Kara and her daughter in to protect them i don t condone cheating but this book has a little bit of a twist on it that really keeps you interested and like I said intrigued This book is a great read and I recommend it to anyone who has a life of nothing and wanting I feel like Alexandrea portrayed Kara as an honest sort of type that we see in every day life One who is afraid of change in the beginning but when she realizes there is happiness out there that cha Kara is a woman in her mid 40 s and only looking for a one night stand, aiming to make it count But will it just be a one time thing During that night of passion, the two reminisce on their childhood This is only supposed to be a one time thing, right After all, Kara is a mom first, a lawyer second, and doesn t have time to be a woman Until that night It was just sex with no prospects or relationship But Scott is a man that always gets what he wants and doesn t give up too easily.
The guilt of that one night eats away at Kara as she doesn t want to be like her mother to be promiscuous and go through all these different men Still, she resumes her mundane life as a wife and mother Her 52 year old husband, who recently had a heart attack, suspects that there s going on than just business between Kara and Scott And he certainly retaliates with his hot temper and jealousy I don t know This book was reviewed by Musing Maddie for Ravishing Romances read the full review here.
How are the sex scenes Passionate and fast paced, with a little slow and seductive thrown in on occasion It was almost cringe worthy to readEvery time I m inside of you it s getting harder and harder to control myselfThe shower scene however hot How are the story lines They tackle the sad circumstance of a disintegrating marriage, the consequences of a passionate fling and the sordid city council dealings of a post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans The story is at times a little unbelievable yet does have a surprisingly satisfying outcome.
ReviewAs a general rule, starting a book with infidelity does not engender the desire to continue to a story s conclusion Despite fairly weak dialogue at times, and questionable leaps in time, author Alexandrea Weis has managed to pr Resilient And Practical, Kara Barton Has Continually Strived To Live A Respectable Life She Went To College, Embarked On A Promising Career As An Attorney, Married A Great Guy, And Always Appeared To Be The Perfect Wife And Mother But All Is Not What It Seems, And The Troubling Past Kara Has Been Running From Her Entire Life Is About To Catch Up With Her Urged On By Her Insecurities About Growing Older, And Desperately Wanting To Feel One Night Of Passion, Kara Agrees To Share A Tryst In A Hotel Room With A Sexy Business Associate, Scott Ellsworth But Scott Wants Than One Night Together, And Kara Quickly Discovers It Is Impossible To Resist Him Soon Kara Finds Herself Transformed Into The Kind Of Woman She Vowed Never To Become, And The Secure World She Has Struggled All Her Life To Build Begins To Fall Apart Kara Barton Is About To Find Out How A One Night Stand Can Change Everything

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