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¸ Legend of the Book Keeper (Lost City Chronicles, #1) Î Download by º Daniel Blackaby The Most Ordinary Of Boys The Most Extraordinary Of books When The Two Collide, A Destiny Is Set Into Motion Which Cannot Be Undone Without Warning, A Secretive Cult Emerges Ready To Kill, And A Horrifying Beast Appears In The Dead Of Night Craving To Devour The Keeper Of The Book Suddenly, Cody Clemenson Is Forced To Flee With His Best Friend Jade Their Journey Will Lead Them To Mystical Locations And Thrust Them Into Uncharted Lands, Where An Ancient Feud Between Two Long Lost Cities Is Teetering On The Brink Of War Will Cody Rise To The Occasion And Become The Hero He S Always Dreamt Of Being Or Will He Succumb To The Power Of The Evil Empire The Fate Of The World Now Hinges On Him And The Cryptic Words Written In A Simple, Leather Book A Power Long Maintained Now Faded,A Secret Long Kept Soon Unveiled,A City Long Lost Ready To Be Found The Legend of the Book Keeper was very interesting and exciting Cody and his friend, Jade, find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime after they find a mysterious book at a local book store I was certainly surprised about halfway through the book when the story took an unexpected turn This was a great action packed young adult story and I m looking forward to the next book in the trilogy I give this book only three stars because the writing is somewhat elementary and was very poorly edited For example, the placement of ellipses was rather annoying and there were several misspelled words perhaps future editions will fix those errors Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to someone looking for a quick adventure fantasy read.
A Goodreads Giveaway BookDaniel Blackaby s Legend of the Book Keeper is like The Princess Bride meets Roswell meets Disney s Atlantis meets the Bible With typos That s not to say it wouldn t be entertaining for middle grade readers it would be However, the story is a mash up of several existing stories with characters who fail to fully develop throughout the story It also contains not so subtle religious overtones and comes across as rather preachy Some people may enjoy this book it s fast paced and action packed throughout Hopefully, Blackaby ties up the many loose ends as he continues the series.

Update after finishing the trilogy If you like books that punch you in the feels, read this trilogy If you like books with awesome magic superpower type things, read this trilogy If you like books with fantasy and Beasts and mysterious strangers, read this trilogy If you like books that involve things like a mysterious room in a bookstore and breaking into Area 51 and going into the Bermuda Triangle, read this trilogy If you like hilarious, adorkable characters who are absolute idiots but also super awesome, and have friends who are epic, read this trilogy If you like books that have elements of old myths or are they in them, like King Arthur and such, read this trilogy If you like not knowing who you should trust and wondering what plot twist is going to hit you next, read this trilogy Basically, this entire trilogy is amazing, and ever single one of you needs to read it I w When I first began reading the book I thought it was suited for children I work in a library so I read and enjoy works from all age groups however, I was very excited when things started picking up and it crossed from children to young adult No spoilers here, but the characters are engaging and real One review didn t think their escapes were realistic enough, but I disagree I thought they flowed well with the story line I love the author s imagination The little things like his use of Area 51 were great There s plenty of action and adventure, coming of age, and a tinge of romance There are underlying currents of religion One reviewer compared Daniel s style to that of C.
S Lewis and Ted Dekker, I can definitely see those tendencies in this book I enjoyed it so much I had t

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