Ò Doc: Then and Now with a Montana Physician ☆ Download by ✓ R.E. Losee

Ò Doc: Then and Now with a Montana Physician ☆ Download by ✓ R.E. Losee DOC Is An Engaging Memoir From Ron Losee, A Yale Medical School Graduate Who, In , Headed West With His Wife, Olive, And Their Two Year Old Daughter To Find A Place To Settle Down And Practice Medicine The Four Hundred Townspeople Of Ennis, Montana, Needed A Doctor, And Ronald E Losee, MD Became Doc Losee S Patients Are A Broad Panoply Of Characters Townspeople, Cattle Ranchers And Migrant Workers, Miners And Fly Fishermen, New Mothers And Old Folks Each, In His Or Her Own Way, Preserving An American Way Of Life That Is Rapidly Vanishing With Them, Losee Learns From His Failures And Rejoices In His Triumphs He Stays Up All Night Before Each Delivery, Worrying Through Every Possibility Of Diaster Performs Appendectomies On A Rickety Operating Room Table Repairs Fractured Tibiae And Even Amputates A Leg With A Common Hacksaw Eventually, His Yearning For Knowledge Propels Him Into A Two Year Stint At The Royal Victoria Hospital In Montreal For An Orthopaedic Residency He Returns To Montana A Specialist, And So Begins The Orthopaedic Work That Gains Him, In His Middle Years, International Recognition As A Pioneer And Important Contributor To The Understanding Of The Trick Knee, And Developer Of An Early Operative Procedure To Remedy This, The Losee Operation His Voice Is All His Own Real, Earthy, Outspoken, Robust Ron Losee Has Written A Moving Account Of His Doctoring Years, Evoking The Feel Of Small Town Life, The Pioneering Spirit Of The West, The Myriad Moral Dilemmas A Rural Doctor Faces, And The Courage And Commitment That Are The Heart Of His Way Of Medicine I just loved it I feel the Doc and his colleagues and neighbors in Zennie, Montana have become friends now what an unfiltered honest look at practicing rural medicine Medical storyMedical StoryThis is an intriguimg story about medic I need and medical carre in the middle of the last century I didn t realize that it had changed so much money n a period which I re memberI Medical history in small town AmericaGreat stories of doctoring from old days to new in a small Montana town by a smart and caring physician.
Unbelievable but true A doctor who switched out a destitute parents tires with his own so they could drive their daughter to a specialist across the state Who responded to a request from a newly delivered mom for a cold beer by walking down the street to buy a 6 pack Who developed an innovative cure for trick knee because he took the time to ponder why instead of accepting dogma And who was paid so little he could not afford malpractice insurance THE DOC WAS LARGER THAN LIFE Dr Ron Losee s memoir describes the amazing life of this country doctor in the tiny town of Ennis in Southwest Montana population 700 Living in this same area, I am privileged to have known this unique man The Doc, as he was affectionately known in our tiny town, died on May 14, 2017, at age 97 He was familiar to and beloved by everyone who has lived for any length of time in the Madison Valley I am so happy that he left us with this wonderful book about his life here.
Doc drove his jeep in the 4th of July Parade in Ennis every year until two years ago He had a friend drive last year, and he rode in the passenger seat The jeep is the same one he drove here in 1949.
After his wife Olive died and he finally retired, he would eat breakfast in the pharmacy s caf every morning, and if I came in and saw A guided tour through the process of a country doctor meeting most kinds of life s medical challenges in back woodsie Ennis, Montana, and ending up a recognized authority on knee surgery Entertaining and educational.
A lovely story about a physician working in Ennis, Montana.
The book attracts the reader all the time.
I have just finished this book, found on the shelves at my Dad s house I enjoyed it a lot and hated to finish it because of the picture Losee gives of his life in a tiny Montana town near where my family lived for a couple of years when my father began his own medical career Losee and his wife Olive do whatever needs to be done to provide medical care in this out of the way spot, and their family thrives, works incredibly hard and has fun which includes fishing and playing the bagpipes I like his description and love for Butte, Montana, which was the nearest big city with a population in the mid thirty thousands He includes lots of detail about medical procedures, too much for me, but which would beappreciated by medical professionals He reminds me in some ways of my dad, hard working, conscientious, caring Not great writing, but great stories for the medically inclined, for adventurers, and for lovers of the American West.

R.E. Losee

Ò Doc: Then and Now with a Montana Physician ☆ Download by ✓ R.E. Losee Ronald E Losee