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[ Pdf Flight My Life in Mission Control Ò arithmetic PDF ] by Christopher Kraft ó You don t know the space race until you read Chris Kraft I didn t grow up during the space race Everything I know about it comes from the movies Apollo 13 and October Sky, and what my dad tells me I randomly decided to read this book because it seemed interesting It became my very favorite biography I just finished reading it again this time with my husband The book is written by Christopher Kraft He was NASA s first flight director in the movie Apollo 13 Gene Kranz is the flight director if that helps He was with NASA before they even had the word astronaut He vividly describes the challenges that they faced in trying to get man into space let alone the moon The best part of the book is the way he pulls no punches when describing certain decisions and events My husband and I often laughed out loud at the way he would describe a failed procedure We could tell t In His New York Times Bestseller, Chris Kraft Delivers An Unforgettable Account Of His Life In Mission Control The First NASA Flight Director, Kraft Emerged From Boyhood In Small Town America To Become A Visionary Who Played An Integral Role In What Would Become The National Aeronautics And Space Administration It S All Here, From The Legendary Mercury Missions That First Sent Americans Into Space Through The Gemini And Apollo Missions That Landed Them On The Moon The Great Heroes Of Space Are Here, Too Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, And Buzz Aldrin Leading The Space Race That Would Change The Course Of US History From NASA S Infancy To Its Greatest Triumphs From The Calculated Gambles To The Near Disasters To The Pure Luck That Accompanied Each Mission, Flight Relives The Spellbinding Events That Captured The Imagination Of The World It Is A Stirring Tribute To The US Space Program And To The Men Who Risked Their Lives To Take America On A Flight Into The Unknown From The Man Who Was There For It All A Highly Readable Memoir The New York Times Book Review A Rewarding Look At The Brief, Shining Moment When Space Pathfinders Held Sway Over Space Warriors The Washington Post Such an engaging book Kraft is a wonderful story teller His story is inspiring and it s amazing to see the impact he had on history True American legend and hero.
This is one of the better behind the scenes narratives about the Space Race and the birth of NASA What really impressed me was Chris Kraft discussing his early days as an aeronautical engineer and the amount of pure mathematics he was required to do, with a slide rule as they had no calculators or computers in the 1940s I found it interesting a few pages later when he discussed his move to the brand new NASA and what was appealing was that he d be able to get back to engineering and away from all of the mathematics This all led to a long conversation with my father who has a degree in civil engineering and a career as a plant engineer He wonders how many of today s engineers would be able to do engineering the old school way without computers and calculators It s an intere Of all the biographies and autobiographies I ve read about NASA Apollo people, this is my favorite so far Chris Kraft was NASA s original flight director the one who runs the show in mission control during missions In fact, he led the effort to create mission control and all of the policies and procedures that make it what it is today read this if you want details behind the legendary events and people of NASA s race to the moon Kraft was an integral part of the process from pre NASA days through the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs and beyond The book was published in 2001, after many other books by and about Apollo people, and I was fascinated when Kraft addressed discrepancies among the various accounts of key events See, we Apollo geeks always wanna know how it REALLY went down No doubt, Kraft displays the Saturn V sized ego that most of h Excellent book about the space program Chris Kraft was at the right place to experience some of the best of America s space program This book is well written and explains, not just the events, but his thoughts and decision making process on many key decisions While reading it, you feel like you are there also This is one of the few books that covers the Mercury and Gemini space programs in detail by someone who was there I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about the space program Another great thing about this book is that it is written in a conversational style and not overly technical like other books I have read about the space program This makes the book a good one to read, even for people that don t have tons of technical knowledge.

I think Joy gave this book to me Great book Recommended for anyone interested in space, the space program and NASA in particular Really gives a behind the scenes look at one of the most noticeable roles in NASA Mission Control The Flight Director, or Flight.
Intensely Interesting, Salty Account of the U.
S Space Program from its Beginnings Through Apollo and BeyondChris Kraft pens a very interesting account of his life and his work with NACA the forerunner to NASA , NASA, his work in aeronautical research, and his rise to NASA flight Director and beyond to director of the Manned Spacecraft Center Kraft essentially invented mission control for the U.
S Space Program Kraft was flight director for some of mankind s greatest adventures, and he states, while the mission is under way, I m Flight And Flight is God A memoir by an engineer could tend to be dry, but Chris Kraft keeps things lively He has a tough job on his hands juggling roomfuls of Type A personalities and monster egos including his own , but somehow manages to help build a winning for For all those who sat up and watched Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon Readable and utterly enthralling.

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