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[ Pdf A Duke in Shining Armor ☆ world-war-ii PDF ] by Macy Barnes à Honestly, I m not a fan of ebooks But, I decided to try this one and it was free at the time It had a promising concept When her family was slaughtered and she was forced into a life of servitude by her aunt and uncle, Emily Moncrief had given up all hopes of having a family of her own When the handsome Duke of Norchess arrives he vows to honor and protect Emily, but will secrets from her past keep them from a future together Dramatic, intriguing summary.
Did the story deliver No.
The formatting is off so the whole story is one giant block of text The dialogue is stilted and repetitive The characters are too aware, not given time to develop as people, and not given time to develop a romance relationship.
It is in need of serious copy AND content edits There were missing words, extra words, missing punctuation, misused punctuation, run 3.
5 really A sweet, short read A few editing mistakes, that weren t numerous enough to pull me from the story but were frustrating because it is something that could be so easily fixed.
I have Nothing good to say about this book Nothing Zilch Nada Not one damn word And I always make it a point to give praise where praise is due Now let s get into the list of things I do have to say.
1 Run on sentences 2 Use of wrong words as.
3 Bad grammar.
4 Bad writing with no imagination.
5 Plot that could have been good but isn t.
6 Zero character development.
7 Dialogues that are too on the nose, too cliche, too much like the dialogues you d find in a historical romance spoof.
8 You can not relate to or connect with anyone.
9 Flat emotional tone.
10 What feels like writing.
11 No exploration of relationship dynamics or it s development 12 No apparent reason for the mcs feeling the way they do a trope in a lot of books, but apparent and unenjoyable here cause bad writing 13 Sexual tension between them reads fal

DNF misspellings, wrong words and an entirely ridiculous plot line.
I m giving this book 3 stars Yes, it is a VERY short story and short stories do have an issue with a lack of character and story development There just isn t enough time to really get to know your characters and the stories can be really rushed Even with that in mind, I do enjoy a short story every once in awhile in between books in a series to kind of break it up for me So, I do enjoy them for what they are super quick, fun, short stories I liked this one and thought it was fun with a nice story.
I was desperate for a good read when I was stuck at a hospital There was nothing but my phone with its wifi and 3g off, so I raided my phone s Kindle app for free for one day novellas I downloaded and somehow forgot The first on the list was Macy Barnes s A Duke in Shining Armor.
It wasn t long before I realised the first come, first served principle wasn t necessarily a good idea The author did try her best to provide an entertaining story, bless her socks, but reading A Duke in Shining Armor was like being trapped in a room with Connie Mason who d decided to write a Regency era novella after chugging a bottle or two I wrote a summary, but it made the story look so silly that I deleted the lot Besides, it s only a 64 page novella, so read it yourself if you re dying to know I wouldn t bother if I were you, though The book blurb should be good enough to g Looks like the author may have updated edited the book as many of the problems previous reviewers mention with spelling and formatting are fixed A cute short read I miss regencies where sex waits until after marriage so this one has sex than I like to see in a regency I picked this d up when it was a free promotion It was entertaining.
When Her Family Was Slaughtered And She Was Forced Into A Life Of Servitude By Her Aunt And Uncle, Emily Moncrief Had Given Up All Hopes Of Having A Family Of Her Own When The Handsome Duke Of Norchess Arrives He Vows To Honor And Protect Emily, But Will Secrets From Her Past Keep Them From A Future Together This Is The First Book Of The Regency Heroes Series About Gentleman Who Are Noble And Rescue Their Lady Loves No Matter The Cost This was a short but sweet romance Thing seemed to go a bit too easy for them.
It was short,but still a cute book Strong characters and I can t wait to read the next book about the Duke s spunky sister.

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