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Download Epub Format º The Spacetime Pool PDF by ✓ Catherine Asaro the first story was good looking girl kidnapped by a tall dark handsome barbarian and taken to another universe yuck there were some interesting ideas but the plot line was awful I liked the second story as it was about the skolian empire it was too short the thirst was an essay about math I haven t used my brain that way in a long time most of the essay went right over my head.
From The Kindle Description Of The Book Three Short Works From Catherine Asaro, Author Of The Skolian Empire Series Includes Nebula Award Winning Novella The Spacetime Pool , Novelette Light And Shadow , And An Essay A Poetry Of Angles And Dreams There s a clever mathematical idea here, but the adventure part read almost like a parody The least effective of the Nebula prize winning novellas I ve been sampling.
Only Catherine Asaro can meld elements of old school romance and hard core scifi so seamlessly into a modern meets old, unique blend Honestly I ve never enjoyed math so much.
I first read this several years ago, and it was just as good to read the second time around Once again Catherine Asaro has created a rich universe full of detail and intrigue Cannot wait to see where she takes this idea, I would love a full length novel

2 stories and one math poem The Spacetime Pool 6 4 2014 I forgot this was included in Aurora in Four Voices, so I started reading it again in July2014 and had to finish it againLight Shadow 6 2 2014 A Poetry of Angles and Dreams I loved how Catherine intertwined the math and physics within a beautiful and poignant story about alternative realities for Earth related to the multi universe theory There were times I sat in my car before going inside because I couldn t stop listening.

Catherine Asaro

Download Epub Format º The Spacetime Pool PDF by ✓ Catherine Asaro author of than twenty five books, Catherine Asaro is acclaimed for her Ruby Dynasty series, which combines adventure, science, romance and fast paced action Her novel The Quantum Rose won the Nebula Award, as did her novella The Spacetime Pool Among her many other distinctions, she is a multiple winner of the AnLab from Analog magazine and a three time recipient of the RT BOOKClub Award for Best Science Fiction Novel Her most recent novel, Carnelians, came out in October, 2011 An anthology of her short fiction titled Aurora in Four Voices is available from ISFiC Press in hardcover, and her multiple award winning novella The City of Cries is also available as an eBook for Kindle and Nook.Catherine has two music CD s out and she is currently working on her third The first, Diamond Star, is the soundtrack for her novel of the same name, performed with the rock band, Point Valid She appears as a vocalist at cons, clubs, and other venues in the US and abroad, including recently as the Guest of Honor at the Denmark and New Zealand National Science Fiction Conventions She performs selections from her work in a multimedia project that mixes literature, dance, and music with Greg Adams as her accompanist She is also a theoretical physicist with a PhD in Chemical Physics from Harvard, and a jazz and ballet dancer Visit her at