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Ù That Wedding ↠´ Download by ↠´ Jillian Dodd Have you ordered That Baby yet After a long wait, it s finally being delivered on August 10th That Baby Spoiler Free ReviewTBR Rank This was book 112 from my TBR pile 4.
5 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult Romance I can t wait to marry that boy The boy I ve loved my whole life The boy who knows what a freak I am and who loves me in spite of it I smile and walk slowly down the aisle, like I m supposed to, and take his hands When this is over, I ll be his wife.
She has the boy, he proposed, now what In That Wedding Jadyn and That Boy prepare to make a HUGE commitment to one another MARRIAGE Yes, during their first date he pops the question and she accepts While things start off fun and exciting for Jadyn eventually the high wears off and an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs begin Marrying her best friend is a good

5 Stars That Boy ends with an engagement That Wedding picks up right where it leaves off Following Jaydn and Phillip s engagement was just as fun, emotional and entertainment as the first book Reading the book the first time was fabulous Listening to it on audiobook was even better Phillip and J.
J are meant to be It s taken her a long time to see it, but these best friends belong together Planning a wedding isn t easy In fact, it s very stressful Jaydn finds it to be overwhelming Everything is moving so fast and she doesn t know what to do Luckily she has her Prince to help her along the way And her best friend Danny, who is still my favorite boy He def lightened the book up with his XXX wedding theme, and you can t forget his parenting tipYou know, I ve kinda been freaking out over being a father, but then I read in a men s magazine somewhere that as long as 5 I love this series StarsJaydn and Phillip are finally engaged, they have overcome their obstacles and are ready to spend the rest of their lives together Oh if only it were that easy JJ has finally realized Philip is the guy for her, but she still has other issues she has never dealt with That Wedding tells the story of Jaydn s journey to her happily ever after with her prince JJ is forced to finally deal with her parents deaths, planning her dream wedding, changing jobs, and moving Again told in JJ s POV it goes through the high and lows, the anxiety, stresses of planning a wedding and dealing with life I loved Danny and Lori s parts in this story I loved how understanding Phillip was of JJ s issues As someone who was completely Team Danny, this story did make realize that Phillip was always the guy for So, I d like to be able to rename this entire series to That Book I Want to Throw at the Wall Multiple Times When Reading, but I doubt that that s going to happen You all remember the happy couple, Jadyn and Phillip from That Boy If you managed to forget the most narcissistic character ever written after reading That Boy, I congratulate you and That Wedding picks up from That Boy as if it s gone to another chapter rather than a separate book, which works What doesn t work is the fact that the author has to repeat every concept Observe Yeah, I can believe it I ve always believed in you, and I m so excited I get to be there Jay, you have always believed in me I should probably thank you for that The believe concept is now ground into the reader since the word is repeated 3 times in 2 sentences along with the phrase always believed This method of I loved this book It is the follow up from That Boy and if you loved that this is a must read This book was so good, but to me That Boy was one of the best books I ever read and this was only an amazing novel Going a bit nerdy here I would speculate that this book has higher rating due to selection that is only those who really liked That Boy continue on and read this one and they naturally adore this one as well.
This book starts immediately after That Boy finish and spans over Jadyn and Phillip s engagement I could so relate since I m engaged and planning my wedding so naturally I really loved everything about that However, she did get some really crappy wedding planning advice And I m so happy that no one forces us to couples counseling All in all, I m so impressed by Jillian Dodd and her That Boy series I Jillian Dodd has completely knocked my socks off with this debut series Just to think two weeks ago I didn t even know these books existed Thank God they found me That Wedding picks up immediately where That Boy left off We finally get to see Phillip and JJ together in every sense of the word and boy are they together , alot Though I didn t think it were possible, I fell head over sockless heels in love with Phillip even In That Boy, he turned me into a pile of goo In That Wedding, he completely melted me If you re wondering if you can melt goo, I assure you that you can JJ on the other hand frustrated the goo out of me I just wanted to shake her, grab Phillip by the ass hand, and run far far away She gets her act together in the end though so I guess she s forgiven Then of course there s Danny I love me some Danny, but what I really love is his frie Love is friendship gone mad I fell in love with best friends Jaydyn, Phillip and Danny in That Boy, and was so happy to finally get back to them with this book The story picks up immediately after the ending of That Boy Jaydyn JJ is now engaged to the boys she loves in the interests of not spoiling the first book I m not going to say to who , and is preparing to embark upon the next stage of her life marriage Starting with the perfect wedding Told entirely from JJ s POV, we get up close and personal with all of her neuroses as she searches for the perfect dress, enters mandatory couple s counselling, deals with STDs the non infectious kind , discussions about burning bushes and the possibility of a XXX wedding theme And OMG, it s so freaking funny I laughed so hard And all of this goes on while JJ is planning the party to end a Marry The Boy Next Door In This Sweet Contemporary Romance By USA Today Best Selling Author, Jillian DoddThe Gorgeous Engagement Ring On My Finger Mimics My Happiness I Feel So Sparkly, Glittery, And Full Of Promise, Because I Absolutely Know He S That Boy The Boy I Want To Marry My Prince My Happily Ever AfterBut Then Our Pastor Starts Asking Lots Of Questions His Parents Say I Haven T Dealt With My Past I Have Horrible Wedding Disaster Dreams I Can T Find The Perfect Dress I Have To Manipulate Him To Get My Way An Old Boyfriend Asks Me To Run Away With Him My Best Friend Says I M Going To Ruin Everything And Forever Starts To Sound Like A Really Long Time Which Totally Freaks Me Out And Makes Me Question Everything I KnowShould Best Friends Get Married Will My Past Affect Our Relationship Are My Horrible Dreams A Warning Will I Ever Find A Dress Could His Sexiness Be Clouding My Judgment Am I Going To Ruin Everything Or Is It Just A Case Of Cold Feet And Then I Have To Decide Am I Willing To Give Up On True Love Forever, Or Am I Going To Listen To My Heart And Marry Him If You Love Best Friend Romances, Weddings, And New Adult Family Life Drama, You Ll Love The That Boy Series Love is friendship gone madYay I was so excited to jump into another adventure with Jayden, Phillip, Danny, and Lori These are some of the most lovable characters ever I always compare this series to watching your favorite movie or chick flick That movie that you leave in your DVD player for weeks and replay it over and over I have them in paperback and also on audiobook and have already listened to them both multiple times It s like audiobook crack Freaking hilarious If you haven t read That Boy and want to be surprised about which boy is the that boy of That Wedding, you probably shouldn t read the rest of this review It isn t a huge surprise or anything in That Boy, but I don t want to spoil anything, just in case That Wedding picks

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