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Download Epub Format Ä The Boys, Volume 10 PDF by Ä Garth Ennis And now we pause, as the final act of The Boys starts to gain steam, to get a look at Billy Butcher and what makes him tick Unsurprisingly, most of what makes him tick is white hot, psychotic rage But we also get to finally hear him talk about his late wife, Becky, and how he saw her, and we see how she died In regards to how she died, let me just say no one crosses the line twice quite like Garth Ennis, so prepare yourself for that one You re gonna need it.
And if you ve read this far into the series, you know that Becky was raped by a superhero, and it s important to note that Ennis does not cross the line twice In fact, he writes the story so we don t see it, only its aftermath, and it s all through Billy s eyes until he is handed Becky s diary, and it s those couple of pages, as we re reading Becky s diary along with Billy, that you really see just how good Ennis is at w the backstory to one of the most sadistic, manipulative anti heroes in recent comic history is finally told some fans may lament the lack of action in this volume, but the majority of the violence is between the lines viewed in the right light.
this is one of the MOST violent volumes yet, but shows only a few panels of the nitty gritty.
ennis has always had a knack for humanizing the most deplorable of characters wormwood, cassidy, herr starr and does not disappoint here the argument of nature vs nurture is exemplified in butcher s history, and knocked on its ass by the end of this volume, the question isn t why is butcher so sadistic.
it becomes why the hell wouldn t he be He Could Have Been A Very Different Man Billy Butcher, Leader Of The Boys, Once Had A Chance At Another Life Entirely When The Love Of A Good Woman Pulled Him Aside From His Dreadful Path Of Violence And Despair This Is The Story Of Billy And Becky, Told By The Man Himself From The Backstreets Of London S East End To The Carnage Of The Falklands War, From The Heights Of Love To The Depths Of Tragedy And When He S Done, He Ll Be Ready To Finish Things Once And For All The Boys, VolButcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker Collects Issues Of The Hit Mini Series, The Boys Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker By Garth Ennis And Darick Robertson, And Features All Of The Covers By Darick Robertson Not quite Catcher in the Ryekinda the anti Catcher in the Rye when you think about it Then again, every damn is mouthin off about their lives these days Anywho, I m rootin for you Butcher Go that Homelander He could have been a very different man Billy Butcher, leader of The Boys, once had a chance at another life entirely when the love of a good woman pulled him aside from the dreadful path of violence and despair This is the story of Billy and Becky, told by the man himself from the backstreets of London s East End to the carnage of the Falklands War, from the heights of love to the depths of tragedy, and when he s done, he ll be readyto finish things once and for all An OK origin story, he reminds me a bit of Negan from the walking dead, I wonder if The Butcher was an influence Very sad in places, a good mini series3 High time we learned Butcher s backstory, don t you think Obviously he was in the military, was married, and blames the Homelander for his wife s death, but we want details.
And details are what we get The framing sequence is Butcher in a funeral parlor telling his life story to his father s body in an open casket It makes sense as he s not the sort to open up to just anybody His tale hits all the right buttons You really feel what his wife meant to him, and get a good sense of what drives him This is probably one of my favorite individual volumes of this series Recommended Wow.
So, when it comes to The Boys, I ve never really found The Butcher to be all that interesting I know most who love the series love The Butcher, but he too often felt like a ringleader type with an interesting cast of characters surrounding him, not a major piece of the overall puzzle So when I went to pick up the next trade in line and saw it was an extended Butcher series, I was a little disappointed Having seen a glimpse of the overall endgame in the previous arc, to spend time away from that with a character I didn t especially care much about in either direction Boy, was I wrong.
As a basic place in the story, the arc itself does a tremendous job fleshing out a significant background for a character that hasor less kept it tightly bound We get the rage, we get the skill, and, devastatingly, we get why he hates the Supes now, and the

Ennis pulls off another great storytelling effort here Humanises Butcher in a way that doesn t feel cheap, artificial or in any way less than a genuine telling of Butcher s true backstory.
The tale of how Becky affected Butcher s life is full of genuine moments of believably positive aspects of Butcher s personality, and makes me wish I hadtime to spend with that shadow of the hardcase man we know and love or just respect out of fear for our mortal lives The final reveal of what drove Butcher to the life he pursues relentlessly now, is an incredible whallop Even looking for it on every page, I still was shocked and horrified when it came and said hello to me.
Becky was such a perfect counter to Butcher s solidly rooted in the reality goon, and Billy s dad was really the only means of distilling the kind of lifelong addiction to well tuned anger that makes Butcher as antidote to Vought p This book is Butcher s origin story, starting with his childhood and his violent upbringing leading to joining the Royal Marines and fighting in the Falklands, to falling in love and then losing his wife He meets Mallory who explains who s responsible and the two start what will become The Boys Before reading this I wasn t sure that Butcher s origin story needed to be an entire book after all the others were contained within Vol 6 The Self Preservation Society and Hughie s was a brief few pages in Vol 1 , but having read it I can see why Garth Ennis took the time to go deep into Butcher s background Butcher s life is riddled with tragedy and it turns out that despite his disgusting father being at the root of some of them, the supes also played a big part At the end of the book I felt a real sense of anticipation for a showdown between Butcher Butcher origins Fun volume with one Holy shit, G.
E moment for good measure.

Garth Ennis

Download Epub Format Ä The Boys, Volume 10 PDF by Ä Garth Ennis Ennis began his comic writing career in 1989 with the series Troubled Souls Appearing in the short lived but critically acclaimed British anthology Crisis and illustrated by McCrea, it told the story of a young, apolitical Protestant man caught up by fate in the violence of the Irish Troubles It spawned a sequel, For a Few Troubles More, a broad Belfast based comedy featuring two supporting ch