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[ Read Online Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny ✓ mail-order-brides PDF ] by Mike Dash æ Batavia s Graveyard what a name for a book I could not resist picking this book up as soon as I saw it and I am so happy that I did It was one of the best historical tales I have read for some time Being an Australian I knew something of the Batavia but not the full story In fact I had examined in detail the re constructed Batavia at the Maritime Museum in Sydney I walked through the ship, checking out every nook and cranny on the upper and lower decks However that was way before I read this book I never knew of the murder and mayhem that took place off the Western Australian coastline This book not only gives you the full story of the voyage of the Batavia, its shipwreck, the fate of the survivors and the subsequent fate of the mutineers under Jeronimus Cornelisz It also offers the reader a complete and compelling picture int After reading this book, I think that under favorable circumstances, height of human cruelty could far surpass the physical height of Olympus Mons Twice Because if not for the hyperinflation and the Versailles treaty, Adolf Hitler would have been a shitty painter and Hermann G ring would have been an exceptionally shitty ballet dancer But I never felt confident about my assumptions although they were derived after many complicated calculations and permutations until I read Mike Dash s Batavia s Graveyard The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History s Bloodiest Mutiny Minor Spoilers Ahead Batavia was a ship of the Dutch East India Company built in 1628 to procure spices from the East and as was the We have just come out of such a sorrow that the mind is still a little confused Gijsbert Bastiaensz Commerce Psychopaths.
What do the two have in common If I were asked that before I read this book, I d be glib and respond with something like trajectory But no I ve learned it s something called antinomianism.
If you don t know what that means, don t get discouraged I didn t either Not right away, at least Oh, I m sure I d read it before somewhere, probably years ago when I was knee deep in Karen Armstrong and had a particular interest in the monotheistic religions that have informed civilizations for thousands of years But, as the irreligious say, I ve slept since then.
Before I get to antinomianism, though, let me tell you a story When I was a kid, I knew this other kid We shall call him Sicko, so as to preserve his ano

read 2 04 2004If you are planning on reading this, let me give you a heads up What s between the covers of this book is NOT for the squeamishI thought the story of the wreck of the Essex was bad but this takes the cake.
Batavia s Graveyard was the name given to a small island off the western coast of Australia, now known as Beacon Island I first became aware of this story, which is true, through a wonderful program on the History Channel about recent finds on that island by archaeologists hoping to solve some of the mysteries of what exactly happened there in 1629 and the years during which the islanders, survivors of the shipwreck of the Batavia, were literally being held captive by a group of mutineers unde Fascinating true account of the mutiny, shipwreck on what is now known as Beacon Island near Australia and subsequent blood filled killings This involved a Dutch East India VOC shipBataviaon its way to Java in the 17th century The mutiny was led by a half crazed charismatic ship s officer with horrendous results Conditions on shipboard as described were terrible The epilogue described present day archeological expeditions that found the results The author researched very well, with both extensive primary and secondary material Highly recommended but the reader should have a strong stomach.
There s no point telling what the book is about, because the whole thing is too unlikely But the Spouse saw a documentary on the subject, which was excellent, and my response to hearing about a great narrative is always to read a book And then, there s nothing like reading about a shipwreck to put your own troubles into perspective.
So, seventeenth century shipwreck off the coast of Australia turns into a scenario that makes Lord of the Flies look civilized read it because Dash gives you enough of the background to place the historical events into context read it because the whole time you ll be yelling out no WAY If you read this first you d understand why the European stories of the day were full of unlikely incidents and implausible timing The subtitle points to the narrative focus and I disagree with the I ve read a number of books that deal with shipwrecks and the exploration of the seas, and with summer approaching I wanted something that would be a bit of fun and adventure of the armchair variety I m not sure this was the best choice for that The story of the maiden voyage of the Dutch East Indies VOC ship Batavia as the Dutch were still beginning their exploitation of the spice trade Although a mutiny was being planned by the ship s skipper Ariaen Jacobsz and Jeronimus Cornelisz, the 2nd highest ranking VOC company man, the ship ran aground on an unknown reef Houtman s Abrolhos and was rapidly destroyed With most of the crew and passengers landed on a barren island, the skipper and the top company man Francisco Pelsaert who outranked the ship s skipper set off with a crew in a small boat to attempt to reach Java In the meantime, Cornelisz In The Dutch East India Company Loaded The Batavia, The Flagship Of Its Fleet, With A King S Ransom In Gold, Silver, And Gems For Her Maiden Voyage To Java The Ship Itself Was A Tangible Symbol Of The World S Richest And Most Powerful Monopoly The Company Also Sent Along A New Employee To Guard Its Treasure He Was Jeronimus Corneliszoon, A Disgraced And Bankrupt Man With Great Charisma And Dangerously Heretical Ideas With The Help Of A Few Disgruntled Sailors, He Hatched A Plot To Seize The Ship And Her Riches The Mutiny Might Have Succeeded, But In The Dark Morning Hours Of June The Batavia Smashed Through A Coral Reef And Ran Aground On A Small Chain Of Islands Near Australia The Captain And Skipper Escaped The Wreck, And In A Tiny Lifeboat They Set Sail For Java Some , Miles North To Summon Help More Than Frightened Survivors Waded Ashore, Thankful To Be Alive Unfortunately, Jeronimus And The Mutineers Had Survived Too, And The Nightmare Was Only Beginning A very interesting book on the sinking and mutiny on the Dutch East India company ship the Batavia in the 17th century.
The result was murder, destruction, and the first known Europeans in Australia.
Fascinating, horrifying, and compelling in equal measures.
Highly recommended.
Not even the most sanguine of Shakespeare s plays or the goriest of Ancient Greek dramas can match the horror of this true life tale Mike Dash vividly retells the story of a 17th Century Dutch East Indiaman s collision with a coral reef off the west coast of Australia Unbeknownst to most of the 270 passengers aboard the ship, a psychopath of high rank survived the crash It was he, Jeronimus Cornelisz, a failed apothecary from Haarlem in the Netherlands, who eventually was responsible for the murders of 115 men, women and children who initially survived the shipwreck.
Narrated in novelistic fashion and replete with carefully researched authenticity, this fascinating story is told with such grisly detail that it is

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[ Read Online Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny ✓ mail-order-brides PDF ] by Mike Dash æ pamyatnik.pro Mike Dash, the author of Tulipomania, Batavia s Graveyard, Thug, Satan s Circus and now The First Family, was born, in 1963, just outside London, and educated at Gatow School, Berlin, Wells Cathedral School, Somerset, and Peterhouse, Cambridge, where he read history and ran the Cambridge student magazine From there he moved on to King s College, London, where in 1990 he completed an unusually