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[Meg Cabot] Û Abandon [yaoi PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ I stared at him I didn t understand a single thing you just said Who s Homer This book was such a mess There is no other way to phrase it, it was a complete and utter mess Now, here s the thing I LOVE Meg Cabot In fact, I m practically a swooning fangirl Even the books that most other people didn t like, like Jinx and Pants on Fire, I adored I ve always found that her heroines have a very unique voice snarky, sassy and fun Even when the world is going to hell in a handbasket, you can count on a Cabot heroine to make you laugh Meg Cabot and Princess Mia were my introduction to the world of YA, and they ll always have a special place on my bookshelf That being said, Abandon is one of the biggest disappointments I ve faced this year I m not including CoFA here because it met my every expectation, andI fear that Meg Cab Oh man I hated this book I only picked it up well, downloaded it audiobook because when I was a little girl, my favorite character in Greek mythology was Persephone I thought it would be fun to read a re imagining of the old classic story.
NOT SO Let me enumerate the ways I hated this book There may be spoilers ahead.
1 All the present tense narration happens over the span of about 36 hours The rest of the book is chopped up flashbacks sprinkled liberally and erratically throughout the story It was confusing, jarring, and completely unnecessary.
2 The hero s name is John JOHN.
3 The hero and heroine spend a combined total of about one hour in each other s company, and that s including the flashbacks So remind me again why I m supposed to be DNF 24%I don t have the patience to sit around and find out how many types of blades Pierce can compare John s eyes to.
Writing this review actually make me sad and guilty because I hate writing anything negative about a Meg Cabot book I first discovered Princess Diaries when I was 11 years old and fell instantly in love with Meg Cabot s books I loved the Princess Diaries series and the Mediator series evenI haven t a read a Meg Cabot book since I was around 16, but I have happy memories of her books Now I just wish I had not read Abandon, just so I could preserve those memories.
Abandon is a new take on the Hades Persephone myth Pierce, the main protagonist, finds herself in the Underworld similar to that of Hades , after she nearly drowns There she meets John, whom she had previously met at her grandfather s funeral when she was a little kid She somehow manages to escape the Underworld, but John seems to appear everywhere she goes, especially when she s in trouble She ca

I might look like a honey eyed schoolgirl on the outside, in my skirt with its regulation four inches above the knee hem But I ll rip those tassels off your shoes, old man Just try Googling me Oh dear, I loved this book so much As a huge The Mediator fan, I have been looking forward to it since Meg Cabot announced she would be writing another paranormal series And when she said it would be retelling of the myth of Persephone, I was counting days to the release day As expected, she did it again She nailed it brilliantly.
I understand why some people didn t like this book With its dark atmosphere, it s very different from everything Meg Cabot has written In her books, we are usually introduced to a strong and likeable ma You guys, I was so excited about this book I generally really like Cabot s work, and a retelling of the Persephone myth Sold Not to mention that the heroine is arguably a WOC I was like, no way can this book fail I was wrong.
It was going pretty well until I was about two thirds through the book I had been hooked by the mystery and wondering how it was all going to come together And then it started coming together And then I started wanting to throw the book across the room because I realized I didn t want it to come together after all Throughout the last 15 pages, I just sat there likeIt got that bad Brief synopsis after the incident not to be confused with the accident Pierce Oliviera and her mother move to the tiny island of Isla Huesos off the coast of Florida so that Pierce can get a fresh start and her mother can research spoonbills.
T I remember a long, long time ago I really enjoyed Meg Cabot s The Princess Diaries so when I happened on the Abandon Series and saw it was a retelling of Persephone s tale I didn t hesitate to buy the entire trilogy YES, i brought all tree.
Given my initial excitement about staring these books, I was sorely disappointed.
The Heroin or should we call her the damsel in distress is the most annoying, helpless, uncertain, little thing I ve ever came across She wants to fix everything, and as a spoiled little rich girl believes she s entitled to butt in and do just that But she constantly ends up introuble than she in her perfecticness can handle Then she wines about it.
So yes I didn t like her and since the story is told form her perspective I end up not enjoying it as much.
But I am intrigued by John I really want to know the why s and how s behind him So at NO STARS.
I ve heard a lot about Meg Cabot s books And it may surprise people to know that this was actually my first Meg Cabot novel I m not completely unfamiliar with her works One of my favorite movies of all time was adapted from one of her novels The Princess Diaries All that being said, I think I made a huge mistake in having Abandon pop my Cabot novel cherry.
Insta love.
Guys, this book has INSTA LOVE Deep breaths, Stephanie Deep Breaths.
It took me till page 300 to realize why I felt like I wanted to give up reading Abandon several times And really that s pathetic that I didn t see it I mean, I really should have peeped that way earlier But it s not my fault because Abandon was so hard to even follow thanks to Pierce s convoluted New FromNew York Times Bestselling Author Meg Cabot, A Dark, Fantastical Story About This World And The UnderworldThough She Tries Returning To The Life She Knew Before The Accident, Pierce Can T Help But Feel At Once A Part Of This World, And Apart From It Yet She S Never Alone Because Someone Is Always Watching Her Escape From The Realm Of The Dead Is Impossible When Someone There Wants You BackBut Now She S Moved To A New Town Maybe At Her New School, She Can Start Fresh Maybe She Can Stop Feeling So AfraidOnly She Can T Because Even Here, He Finds Her That S How Desperately He Wants Her Back She Knows He S No Guardian Angel, And His Dark World Isn T Exactly Heaven, Yet She Can T Stay Away Especially Since He Always Appears When She Least Expects It, But Exactly When She Needs Him MostBut If She Lets Herself Fall Any Further, She May Just Find Herself Back In The One Place She Most Fears The Underworld

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