à Soldiers Rescue Mission (H.O.T. Watch #7) ¼ Download by Ð Cindy Dees

à Soldiers Rescue Mission (H.O.T. Watch #7) ¼ Download by Ð Cindy Dees This is the first book i read of this series, so i wasn t sure what to expect but I really liked this book it was a little slow But I m not gonna lie, the ending was great Good read I M One Of The Good Guys, Dammit Her Only Chance To Rescue Two Orphaned Children Meant Elise Omayo Had To Go Under Cover, As A Nun Yet Braving The Colombian Jungle Was Nothing Compared To Keeping Her Ruse Up Once She Met Ted Fisher The Sexy Soldier Was On His Own Danger Filled Mission But He Was Also The Only Man Who Could Help HerHow Had He Gone From Impersonating A Deadly Arms Dealer To Playing Protector To A Feisty Nun There Was No Denying Elise Desperately Needed His Assistance, But Their Mutual Attraction Had The Special Ops Officer Thoroughly Confused Just What Secret Was Elise Keeping, And Could He Uncover It Before Time Ran Out For Them Both Miniseries H.
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Is there anybody here who remembers the Clint Eastwood western Two Mules for Sister Sara If you do you will like this book I really enjoyed this hilarious read.
Elise has gone to Colombia to rescue two orphans Her disguise is nun s habit She soon discovers how difficult the celibate life can be.
Ted is supposedly an arms dealer He is trying to find the rebel forces that want to but arms for their war He is really a government agent who finds himself a tarnished knight in not so shining armor.
I laughed so much while reading this that I had to put it away and finish it today I would come across a passage and start laughing and wake up my husband.
Faith And LoveThe character and of Elise was written fantastically and believability Drago s character was written just as fantastically Classic boy meets girl with a twist

Cindy Dees

à Soldiers Rescue Mission (H.O.T. Watch #7) ¼ Download by Ð Cindy Dees Cindy Dees started flying airplanes while sitting in her dad s lap at the age of three and got a pilot s license before she got a driver s license At age fifteen, she dropped out of high school and left the horse farm in Michigan where she grew up to attend the University of Michigan.After earning a degree in Russian and East European studies, she joined the U.S Air Force and became the youngest