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[ Read Online The Thief ✓ science-fiction-fantasy PDF ] by Clive Cussler í Another fast paced, action adventure with Isaac Bell I really enjoy Isaac Bell, he is such a good character and I love reading about his cases I liked how this one was set around the new moving picture industry and how to make talking pictures.
Good, but not as great as the other series by Clive Cussler.
I always have a prejudicial concern when I find a book credited to two authors, one of whom is very well known and the other is to me, at least completely unknown Despite that, I was happy to find a new book by Clive Cussler on the library s new book shelf, because Clive Cussler is always good for a rollicking story In this case, however, that concern was completely justified I finished reading it for the simple reason that I have a compulsive to see how a story turns out In this case, I had an added reason, inasmuch as the story included a very interesting minor character a German teenager who wanted to become a detective , and I wanted to see what happened to her I found the end result of her development as disappointing as the rest of the book.
This book is the fifth in a series about Isaac Bell, a Van Dorn detective in the first decade of the past century, and the wr I really enjoyed the first three novels in the Isaac Bell series, especially The Wrecker, however, the last two have fallen somewhat short In this outing, Bell is on the trail of a German ex army officer nicknamed The Akrobat Bell first encounters him on board The Mauretania while returning from Europe The Akrobat is in the process of trying to kidnap two scientists and their new invention But what is the invention and why is it so important to the Germans This novel takes place sometime between 1910 and 1912 based on mentioning The Titanic which has not yet sailed The action moves from the ship at sea to Hollywood where it turns out the new invention is a machine to produce Talkie Pictures The Germans are interested in this for the propaganda purposes it could be used for in trying to get other countries on their side prior to WWI For me, this just wasn t a very good pretext fo I have enjoyed this series up until this title Unfortunately I felt this one was not up to scratch My biggest concern was the main plotline Without giving anything away, I didn t believe the stakes justified the ruthless bloodshed and international carnage for it s acquisition Similarly I am not sure Isaac Bell makes good husband material He certainly didn t spend any time with his new wife or behave any differently thereafter It was almost like the authors had forgotten about the marriage bit, as soon as the ceremony was over What wife Hopefully The Thief is just an aberration, as I just didn t buy into this one.

This novel is co authored by a Cussler minion, Justin Scott, and there is a lot that is interesting and accurate about it It provides a window into the life of the well to do in the first decade of the 20th century Among the treats are a detailed description of a trans Atlantic steamship voyage ditto, a trans continental railroad journey and, some of the ins and outs of the movie business before talkies became the big thing Clive Cussler is known for getting these things right.
The hero du jour, Isaac Bell, is a detective casually thrown on the trail of a plot to grab new technology for nefarious purposes The Thief of the title is a German army officer carrying out the Donar Plan to smooth the path for future German conquest easier The tension in the story is whether he can be identified and stopped.
A number of interesting characters are presented including The Thief , the fifth Isaac Bell book, but the fourth one I ve read, as I skipped The Spy I thought The Race , the fourth book, was my least favorite of the series, but that dubious honor now goes to The Thief All in all, I thought the book lacked suspense I see a lot of reviewers lauding the book for intense action , but I didn t see much of that at all The few fight scenes in the book were abrupt, and not suspenseful The main antagonist was far from being the ruthless killers of The Chase and The Wrecker , and what I liked about those books was the cat and mouse roles that Bell and the antagonists would play, outsmarting each other, out muscling each other, narrow escapes for each of them The characters, too, were one dimensional and weren t compelling, Bell included Se Dull, totally unbelievable, one of the only books I ve not finished Book 5 in the Isaac Bell series, this time Isaac is sworn to protect an inventor and his machine which may change motion pictures forever, in the process, Isaac investigates a movie studio which may not be all it appears to be.
My only criticism of this Bell adventure is that the epilogue felt tacked on and completely unnecessary Also The Thief is not really an appropriate title, there are others that would have fit the book better.
On The Ocean Liner Mauretania, Two European Scientists With A Dramatic New Invention Are Barely Rescued From Abduction By The Van Dorn Detective Agency S Intrepid Chief Investigator, Isaac Bell Unfortunately, They Are Not So Lucky The Second Time The Thugs Attack Again And This Time One Of The Scientists Dies What Are They Holding That Is So Precious Only Something That Will Revolutionize Business And Popular Culture And Perhaps Something For War Clouds Are Looming, And A Ruthless Espionage Agent Has Spotted A Priceless Opportunity To Give The Germans An Edge It Is Up To Isaac Bell To Figure Out Who He Is, What He Is Up To, And Stop Him But He May Already Be Too Late And The Future Of The World May Just Hang In The Balance

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[ Read Online The Thief ✓ science-fiction-fantasy PDF ] by Clive Cussler í pamyatnik.pro www.numa.net In addition to being the Chairman of NUMA, Cussler is also a fellow in both the Explorers Club of New York and the Royal Geographic Society in London He has been honored with the Lowell Thomas Award for outstanding underwater exploration Cussler s books have been published in than 40 languages in than 100 countries His past international bestsellers include Pacific Vortex, Mediterranean Caper, Iceberg, Raise the Titanic, Vixen 03, Night Probe, Deep Six, Cyclops, Treasure, Dragon, Sahara, Inca Gold, Shock Wave, Flood Tide, Atlantis Found, Valhalla Rising, Trojan Odyssey and Black Wind this last with his son, Dirk Cussler the nonfiction books The Sea Hunters, The Sea Hunters II and Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt r Revealed the NUMA Files novels Serpent, Blue Gold, Fire Ice, White Death and Lost City written with Paul Kemprecos and the Oregon Files novels Sacred Stone and Golden Buddha written with Craig Dirgo and Dark Watch written with Jack Du Brul Clive Cussler lives in Arizona.