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[Krista Alasti] ✓ Taming Shadows [psychoanalysis PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ All College Freshman Shella Danforth Wants Is To Be Normal Which Is Impossible When She S Got A Blood Thirsty Wolf Sharing Her Body Shella S Spent The Past Four Years Trying To Forget The Night Of Her First Shift The Night She Her Wolf Killed A Man But Her Nightmares Won T Let Her When A String Of Unexplained Disappearances Rocks The City Of Orlando, Shella Is Sure Something Supernatural Is Responsible Forced To Team Up With Lifelong Nemesis And Fellow Shifter Tran Dashner, Shella Discovers That The Culprit May Be Closer To Her Than She D Like To Believe To Unravel The Mystery, Shella Must Face Her Tragic Past Head On And Learn To Control Her Wolf Before It Learns To Control Her Alright so I m a tad biased seeing as the author is a dear friend and I love her to bits, but I honestly thought this book was brilliant Looking at it as a story completely its own with no connection to anyone I know, I feel it was a fun, funny tale that was believable and very realistic at times The storyline itself was a very simple one and yet the beauty and power behind it was that, take out the supernatural element, and its very plausible The motives and reasons behind the bad guy s is something that you can understand and actually see happening in real life I really loved each and every character in this book They all had their purpose and reason for being in the story and they were very real The is

I may be biased, because I know the author, but I think this book is pretty great The best thing about it is the characters, hands down Let s take a look at them, shall we Shella, our main character narrator, is in one word a bitch But the great thing about her is she s very aware of this She knows she s a bitch and she readily admits it to anyone who asks Shella has been through a lot, and it s taken its toll on her She believes she s evil, and it will take a lot to convince her otherwise She wants to deny she s a shadow shifter, but here we see that s impossible It s great watching her learn to really accept herself for the first time On to Tran, Shella s sort of love interest Everyone knows Shella has a 3.
5 stars I enjoyed this one While I liked Shella for the most part, there was times I hated her and wanted to give her a slap I felt really bad for Tran and the way Shella treated him I was kept intrigued throughout guessing what was going on with Tran but I pretty much figured out straight away who Amie s dad was I was disappointed in the ending, as I would have liked to have seen of what happened between Tran and Shella.

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[Krista Alasti] ✓ Taming Shadows [psychoanalysis PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Krista Alasti is a freelance writer, part time student at Southern New Hampshire University, and full time book reviewer on Goodreads.She grew up listening to the thrilling tales of her Iranian father, who spent his childhood in Tehran battling snakes, racing wild horses, and riding on the backs of giant desert tortoises Or so he claimed.Now, Krista spends as much time as possible creating charac