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[Vanessa Veselka] ¾ Zazen [words PDF] Ebook Epub Download õ Portlandia meets Children of Men for a third wave feminist Fight Club Veselka excels at satirizing the escapist antics of organic radicals in an age of perceived U.
S decline But in doing so, does she paint herself into a corner The resolution to make peace with our absurd and symptomatic reactions, to perhaps even love them hazards a rescue of the titular stance from irony to the best mode of response It is still easy to fall for Veselka s prose The final lines stunned me But I am ambivalent and admittedly uncertain about what is ultimately proposed Stay, avoid the escapism of ex pats and foodie ascetics, and try to come to grips with crumbling America Or accept things i.
, avoid action and love a planet and a people that are doomed Nearly every review of this that I skimmed through is glowing, but I didn t think it was that great For one thing, it s populated almost solely by hippies and wannabe eco terrorists, and Veselka crams it with so many hippie buzzwords that it makes one gag Yoga, yerba mate, namaste, rallies, leaflets, community organizing, veganism, artisan craft movements, indigenous medicine, co ops, biodynamic farming, and other hippie affectations pervade throughout This is clearly no accident but it grates The characters aren t aware of the extent to which they unconsciously endorse the consumerism they so ardently claim to fight against Is Veselka I d like to think so, but if so, what s the purpose of such contempt for her characters She s obviously a good writer among the things that made me almost rate this three stars were little gems like the following On the w Somewhere In DellaOCOs Consumptive, Industrial Wasteland Of A City, A Bomb Goes Off It Is Not The First, And Will Not Be The Last Reactions To The Attacks Are Polarized Police Activity Intensifies DellaOCOs Revolutionary Parents Welcome The Upheaval But Are Trapped Within Their Own Insular Beliefs Her Activist Restaurant Co Workers, Who Would Rather Change Their Identities Than The World Around Them, Resume A Shallow Rebellion Of Hair Dye, Sex Parties, And Self Absorption As Those Bombs Keep Inching Closer, Thudding Deep And Real Between The Sounds Of Katydids Fluttering In The Still Of The City Night, And The Destruction Begins To Excite Her What Begins As Terror Threats Called In To Greasy Bro Bars Across The Block Boils Over Into A Desperate Plot, Intoxicating And Captivating Della And Leaving Her Little Chance For Escape Zazen Unfolds As A Search For Clarity Soured By Irresolution And Catastrophe, Yet Made Vital By The Thin, Wild Veins Of Imagination Run Through Each Escalating Moment, Tensing And Relaxing, Unfurling And Ensnaring Vanessa Veselka Renders Della And Her World With Beautiful, Freighting, And Phantasmagorically Intelligent Accuracy, Crafting From Their Shattered Constitutions A Perversely Perfect Mirror For Our Own Selves And State The world is a violent child none of us will get to see grow up.
The writing in this book is unlike anything else I can think of Veselka has her own style, her own voice And it s awesome.
This book is like a constant panic attack The tension chokes you Della, our protagonist, is sharply observant and enjoyably critical of all these things in the world today You know, tofu and de caf and soy and vegan and yoga The woman behind the counter was wearing a tank top that had Namaste written across the front of it like the Coca Cola logo Her hair was red and wrapped in an orange scarf Her nails were pink glitter and she had a pendant of Guadalupe hanging from her neck Can I help you she asked.
Yes I want to look like you I want to The world is a violent child none of us will get to see grow up.
Zazen is a tidal wave of a book It moves with a slow inevitability, an immense power which grinds down all in its path I m overwhelmed enough that I can t give this book the praise it deserves, so I will defer to my friend Kris review here I advise you read it.
i m going to do something i never thought i d have cause to do.
ready i m going to publicly declare unadulterated book love if i could marry this book, i would, but human biblio marriages are not yet on the public radar if i could have this book s baby, i would if it were my life or this book s life, i would throw mine down gladly five stars is not enough if i could adorn this book with the night sky, i d do it.
it s Zazen it s probably not in your library, but if you live in one of those fortunate states that still funds their libraries, make them order it if you can t, buy it if you can t buy it at your local indie bookstore, buy it online at Powell s, that s where i got it if you have to get on a plane and fly to Portland and sit outside Powell s until they get a new shipment, do it.
you can read the summ Brilliant writing flaring into bursts of flame and explosion of wildfire This is a first novel, eye opening, jaw dropping for the apparent talent and promise When she is soon able to corral the kindling of associations leading to other brilliant associations, not to limit, but to organize the lightning into a clearer sense of what she wants to say, she will be at the top of current literary writers.

How timely a consideration of the options and failures of the radical left in a dystopian political present But Zazen was written five years ago, and given the actual dystopian present facing 2017, unstoppable capitalism, Wallmart, and ongoing overseas wars seem like a much manageable menu of frustrations And what to make of the actual progression The novel opens with and is awash in the details of ineffective personal rebellions of young progressives spelt, veganism, piercings, sex parties, yoga, and other annoyingly obvious details, which are probably meant to annoy, especially in juxtaposition with an older generation of militants who I d ve liked to hear about, or less sarcastic things about On the whole, this feels deeply cynical, then almost naive with a sense of possibility, all of which later falls into deep disillusionment, finally to give way to an unearned reso It s about how much fear you hide in your cells blue cells, red cells, sickle cells, sleeper cells, jail cells people are shot through with it But I don t hold my fear there Everybody needs a place where they re fearless or they d never survive, at least I wouldn t Sometimes I hate this world Especially when it s beautiful than I can imagine Della Mylinek is slinging tofu scrambles and other vegan concoctions at a local diner The world is destabilizing with a series of wars against unnamed foes Ultimately does it matter who they are She has a Ph.
D in Geology, but sees the world not just through a scientific lens, but also through a romantic counter culture kaleidoscope I m not sure I ve ever met anyone in fiction or real life that sees the world clearly, expansively, than Della MylinekI feel different when I believe different things Only I d Sometimes you just need to be someone else, someone who doesn t care about anything at all I know I do I want emptiness but I can t have itI read this book because of the amazing review Kris wrote, and she truly has an impeccable taste in books The memory of her praise of this slim volume was what kept me from giving up through the first third of the story, until finally the book gripped my heart and insisted that I continue with it, until I finally was powerless to put it downLately, I ve become afraid that the feeling I used to feel, like something good was waiting, is what people mean when they say young and that it is nothing than a chemical associated with a metabolic process and not anything real at allThe core of this book hinge

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[Vanessa Veselka] ¾ Zazen [words PDF] Ebook Epub Download õ pamyatnik.pro Vanessa Veselka is a writer and musician living in Portland, Oregon She has been, at various times, a teenage runaway, a sex worker, a union organizer, a student of paleontology, an expatriate, an independent record label owner, a train hopper, a waitress, and a mother Her work has appeared in Bust, Bitch, Maxmum Rock n Roll, Yeti Magazine and Tin House Zazen is her first novel A special not