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Æ Columbus Ä Download by Á Laurence Bergreen I read Laurence Bergreen s Over the Edge of the World Magellan s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe years ago I looked forward to this author s book on The Great Discoverer Bergreen is a first rate historian and a compelling writer He seems to have found a niche in delivering early maritime history epics and the early explorers of the New World are rich with drama I like the Christopher Columbus that Laurence Bergreen has portrayed and feel that it is an accurate presentation of the historical man Columbus was not necessarily brilliant or visionary but he was somewhat self deluded He wanted so badly to find a secret trade route he was disappointed in uncovering a New World He did not want to discover America He wanted to find old India When his vision did not work as easi A detailed and extensive description of the four Columbian voyages, which also provides a good insight in the mysterious man behind Columbus A perfect introduction to the discovery of the America sHow is it possible, that the man who discovered America, after two years was sent back to home in chains from Hispaniola to Spain How was it possible that King Ferdinand disdained him, after he discovered rich lands that would enable Spain to dominate the European continent for the century to come How was it possible that in general, Columbus was scorned, how the New World he discovered was named after Amerigo Verspucci and that the settlements he founded, soon erupted in chaos and mutiny This book is not only a description of the voyages itself, but also gives great insight in the man behind Columbus We see his visions, his God fearing conviction, his thirst for gold and above all his delusi Laurence Bergreen has made a habit of crafting well told modern historical narratives about some of history s greatest explorers Bergreen went world wide with an exploration of the great world navigator himself, Ferdinand Magellen in Over the Edge of the World Then he took readers East to follow Marco Polo on his travels in Marco Polo From Venice to Xanadu And now Bergreen comes closer to home as he travels from Spain to the New World with Christopher Columbus in Columbus The Four Voyages.
All of these books synthesize a wealth of contemporary sources and modern references to build out something than just the story of discovery Bergreen constructs a view into their exploits through historic and modern lenses that ultimatel Columbus The Four Voyages by Laurence Bergreen is an excellent account of Christopher Columbus four voyages from Spain to the Americas between 1492 and 1504 The book is structured around the four voyages However, there is also a good amount of biographical information about Columbus and a decent amount of historical information about Europe and the Americas of the time Bergreen paints a complex portrait of Columbus A brilliant, courageous navigator, but a mediocre administrator A person driven by noble ideas and driven by greed At times visionary and at times ruthless Bergreen also devotes space to the Indigenous Peoples perspective of these four journeys Although Columbus led the first expedition of the European invasion, events quickly overtook him He lost what little control he had over the various factions of both Europeans and of Indigeno Really sort of poor Rife with small mistakes and inconsistencies that are distracting even if you re not looking out for them There was hardly any analysis or even synthesis of different sources he really just told me a story, and I couldn t help but think that I d have gotten out of it if I d just read Las Casas and Columbus s letters.
In fairness, I realize after finishing this that the author is a biographer, not a historian even a popular historian , and if I m going to read a book by a biographer I shouldn t be expecting quality history I fail.
Christopher Columbus heroic bearer of the light of civilization and Christianity to a world lost in darkness Christopher Columbus genocidal egomaniac who raped and plundered a virgin continent and sold its people to slavery and destruction Or something in between the two Columbus is one of the most celebrated and vilified men of history, and also one of the least understood Bergreen s new biography separates the man from the myth, showing a Columbus who was neither an enlightened genius nor deluded psychopath, although at times he had attributes of both Chock full of fascinating details and character sketches of the men Columbus interacted with on both sides of the Atlantic, this work is a worthy addition to the historian s library Hands down, this is the best Columbus book I have ever read HIGHLY recommended.
From The Author Of The Magellan Biography, Over The Edge Of The World, A Mesmerizing New Account Of The Great Explorer Christopher Columbus S Voyage Across The Atlantic Ocean In Search Of A Trading Route To China, And His Unexpected Landfall In The Americas, Is A Watershed Event In World History Yet Columbus Made Three Voyages Within The Span Of Only A Decade, Each Designed To Demonstrate That He Could Sail To China Within A Matter Of Weeks And Convert Those He Found There To Christianity These Later Voyages Were Even Adventurous, Violent, And Ambiguous, But They Revealed Columbus S Uncanny Sense Of The Sea, His Mingled Brilliance And Delusion, And His Superb Navigational Skills In All These Exploits He Almost Never Lost A Sailor By Their Conclusion, However, Columbus Was Broken In Body And Spirit If The First Voyage Illustrates The Rewards Of Exploration, The Latter Voyages Illustrate The Tragic Costs Political, Moral, And EconomicIn Rich Detail Laurence Bergreen Re Creates Each Of These Adventures As Well As The Historical Background Of Columbus S Celebrated, Controversial Career Written From The Participants Vivid Perspectives, This Breathtakingly Dramatic Account Will Be Embraced By Readers Of Bergreen S Previous Biographies Of Marco Polo And Magellan And By Fans Of Nathaniel Philbrick, Simon Winchester, And Tony Horwitz Prior to reading Mr Bergreen s book, my knowledge of Christopher Columbus was sketchy, and my opinion of him generally negative I came away from it with a greater understanding and even admiration for Columbus as a navigator and explorer The book is easy to read, and well worth the effort to understand this exceptional person and his lasting effect on our world.
Not much story telling here as it mostly repeats prose from Columbus and his contemporaries journals, strung together with the author s pedantic and repetitive observations about how out of touch Columbus was with 21st century s and geographical knowledge Nonetheless, the book serves as a decent overview of the four voyages, even if it is a bit of slog at times.
This is a very fascinating book The author takes you on all four of Columbus voyages and gives a great amount of detail into the traumatic life of the great explorer That being said, the author does suffer from that predilection, seemingly endemic among modern historians, to judge the past by the present For instance, the author repeatedly and condescendingly asserts that Columbus refused to consider that his new discovery was in fact a new world and not merely the coastline of China, which he thought it was By doing so the author forgets what a truly groundbreaking discovery Columbus made at least for the western understanding of the world at that time He, and everyone else in his time, had no clue about the Americas and thought that China did lie on the other side of the Atlantic We cannot fault them for not immediately realizing what it took decades to figure

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Æ Columbus Ä Download by Á Laurence Bergreen Laurence Bergreen is an award winning biographer, historian, and chronicler of exploration His books have been translated into over 20 languages worldwide In October 2007, Alfred A Knopf published Marco Polo From Venice to Xanadu, a groundbreaking biography of the iconic traveler Warner Brothers is developing a feature film based on this book starring Matt Damon and written by William Monahan