Trailer Æ The Little House Collection PDF by Æ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Trailer Æ The Little House Collection PDF by Æ Laura Ingalls Wilder From my blog I was a little girl, my father used to read me these books It has been a really long time since then and I can hardly remember most of the stories from the book, but I still remember the sense of excitement and adventure in these books Laura and her family were pioneers, and as a young girl she met each move with a sense of adventure and openness to the world I also loved that the girl was called Laura like me.
These stories are a true testament to the amazing spirit of the pioneers They kept moving on, dealing with the problems of their life, never losing hope The parents always did their best to make this world pleasant for their children, and to make times like Christmas magic Trips to town were a treat when the girls would get a lolly each They had very Okay, I ll admit it I still re read these I just finished a ramble though the pioneer prairies with Laura and enjoyed it throughly I know there is an outcry about the treatment and representation of Native Americans in these books, not to mention women, African Americans, and children But let s calm our politically correct minds for a moment and think about the treasure of literature these books are Specifically, they are WONDERFUL for educating young people about how people of color, minorities, women, and children were treated and thought of in the late 1800s It s not like Laura is out there advocating Native American oppression These books are her memories or maybe her daughter s interpretations of the stories she heard and that s how it wa Amazing Book, The Little House Collection Author Laura Ingalls Wilder This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Little House Collection, Essay By Laura Ingalls Wilder Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I read these as a young girl and loved them That s about all I remembered about them, though So I decided to read them again, and I m so glad I did Reasons I loved these books 1 They are clean and wholesome.
2 They teach responsibility and hard work.
3 They teach about gratitude and being happy with what you have instead of looking elsewhere for happiness.
4 FAMILY is emphasized and taught to be an important part of society Laura s family is warm, loving, and kind.
5 After reading about all of the work that went into obtaining honey, cheese, eggs, grain, meat, oats, and butter, I m grateful that I can make a quick trip to the grocery store and spend my time doing other things I enjoyed every character in this series I especially loved Laura and grew to admire her throughout the series She always wanted to be After a couple of days immersed in this series for the first time in I don t know how many years, I m left bemused in a lot of ways.
From a historical standpoint, there s little else out there for kids that is this rich and complete The everyday details that make up a pioneer life are lovingly dwelt upon in a way that s just far enough removed that even the littlest reader doesn t panic After all, if they all starved to death in The Long Winter, there wouldn t be a next book, would there From a modern, perhaps revisionist standpoint, I was uncomfortable with the hate that boiled out of Ma every time she talked about Indians I didn t like the way Pa treated his family, the way he got the most potatoes, the way he dragged them from pillar to post on a whim So m These books taught me to fall in love with reading Not only did these books teach me so much about life in general such as how to make cheese from scratch but they really just expanded my worldview as a child I have a great sense of nostalgia when I think of this series But than that, I feel that Laura Ingalls Wilder had such a gift for storytelling Her literary voice is just beautiful The stories were humorous, and touching, and you always wanted things to turn out for the best for the family and it did, in the end Classics that will be a wholesome, entertaining read for all generations who doesn t love a realistic glimpse into early Americana Her phrasing and diction are impeccable Yup, I d read this story as a 25 year old, and love as much as I did when I was an 8 yr old, but perhaps with a deeper u Most people love these novels, and I can t for the life of me understand why I was given the collection growing up and read them, but I never cared much for them and never re read them.
I absolutely ADORED these books as a little girl I just finished revisiting each book in the series, and I think I enjoyed them even as an adult It s a wonderful look at American life in the Midwest as the first pioneers settled in what was then unknown territory I loved hearing about their adventures as they traveled from one new settlement to another, and of all they overcame along the way It s nearly impossible not to fall in love with the Ingalls family, who are each filled with such optimism, strength and spirit.
Of course, as an adult, some things struck me a bit differently than as a child As much as I still adored Pa for his sense of adventure and obvious love of his family, I did question some of his decisions as he risked his family s lives moving them to one new location after another The descriptions of the Indians also made me cringe a little, e

OK, so I m a little generous with the whole Little House series Sue me But for me, as a child, they WERE amazing, and here s why.
When I was in first grade in a tiny, tiny town in Arkansas, and hating school with the heat of a thousand suns, each member of the class was given identical packages at Christmas time They were books I d been reading for a long time already, so loved a new bookbut disappointment set in as my classmates who got their books first opened them before I had a chance to open mine, and they were all the same A beginner children s book called The Big Snow I think It was about a kid getting dressed to go out into the snow On one page, he put on his pants On the next page, his boots, and so on and so on, FOR AN ENTIRE BOOK I wanted to cry.
And then when I opened MY book, it was Little House in the I read this series when I was in fourth gradeso it was many many years ago However, the story has not left my mind I absolutely adored these books, and I m sure I would love them just as much if I re read them I remembered feeling as though I was with Laura s family during every journey they went through It s a fascinating story and a true one at that I d recommend that everyone reads this series at least once in their life

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Trailer Æ The Little House Collection PDF by Æ Laura Ingalls Wilder Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.