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[ Pdf Alice in Zombieland ☆ picu PDF ] by Gena Showalter à Going into this I had a really good feeling that I wouldn t like it and I was right First problem is I don t like zombies which is obviously a personal preference thing , second problem is the fact that this is just a superficial high school drama, and the third and biggest problem for me is the fact that this is not a damn Alice in Wonderland retelling People had warned me about that going in but I thought I d at least get something considering the title of this and it s sequels but NOPE I was lied to What shoddy false advertisement Overall this just made me feel annoyed.
Alice in Zombieland tells the story of Alice, who goes by Ali, and her life ends up being a non stop zombie hunt Alice is a sixteen years old girl, pretty ordinary, except that she s not She has a pretty regular mother, an absolutely funny and charming little sister and a crazy father She s always lived with her father rules Never go out at night Never to venture into a cemetery And never, under any circumstances, to trust someone who wants you to do either.
But we all have our time and after all the family went to Alice s sister performance as a birthday present to Alice, there comes this accident where everyone dies, except Alice and what she sees change her already changed life Zombies roaming around, eating her dad Alice s life is never the same and after her family dies she s forced to move in with her grandparents, not knowing As you can see this is another DNF review, because I can only take so much torture, and reading this was overkill I made it about 120 something pages, and then I reached my breaking point.
What I Oh So Desperately Wanted An awesome, zombiefied Alice in Wonderland retelling with lots of action.
What I Got Crappy, unoriginal, stereotypical teen melodrama.
So we have Alice, a girl who s dad is claimed to be psycho cause he sees these monsters And then her whole family gets killed in a car crash with her in it and she mysteriously survives of course, doesn t sound familiar or unoriginal at all whatsoever She gets moved into a new school and meets this bad boy who s, and I quote, serial killer esque and she immediately fantasizes about him when they first lock eyes not kidding.
Okay So let s start with Cole.
Where do I even begin He

OFF WITH HER HEAD Alice in Wonderland with zombies Not so much Creative zombie ghosts lore you heard me Zombie Ghosts with great humor and charming characters Definitely Despite the title, Alice in Zombieland really has nothing much to do with Alice in Wonderland There may be some scattered references, but it s really a unique story all on its own While some may be disappointed, I wasn t terribly familiar with the specifics of the classic tale, so I found myself having a lot of fun with this non retelling Really, all I need are zombies Wouldn t every fairy tale be much interesting with zombies I think so DCharming, this book absolutely is Which is funny to say for a zombie book Ali leads this story with a tough, head held high attitude she s feisty with a great 4 COLE STARS 333I think everybody knows Alice in Wonderland.
but did you know that there is also another Alice With ZombiesYes yes you heard methere are zombies in this booklike many of them But these zombies weren t what I expected and the concept was different because the hunters had to fight leaving their bodies aside and using the spirit It was interesting and very unique Alice moves in with her grandparents after her parent s and sister s death.
She tries to accept her new life and fit in by meeting new people at her new school One of them is Cole a member of a group, which causes many fightsDo they fight a lot or something else is happening But this isn t the only problem.
Whenever Alice goes at school and sees Cole t Does the title Alice in Zombieland along with the intriguing synopsis and lovely cover has you convinced that you have to read this book No Never mind.
But if your answer is Yes , then you need to ask yourself this Are you expecting to find a gory, engrossing, retelling of Alice in Wonderland with zombie goodness putridness No Okay.
So far so good.
Are you prepared to go through the same overused insta lust bullshit between the main characters with hardly any explanations or focus on the plot which is fairly predictable No You lucky bastard But if it s a still a yes, I really hope you like it Or if you are somewhat skeptical then you can continue reading my review and then decide for yourself You know, the rating along with a good synopsis is enough to make me want to read a book Gena Showalter impressed me wi LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Sweet Jesus, Ali is not your typical sit back and take it heroine she s wild for a girl who looks like a doll, and I SERIOUSLY LOVE THAT Go kick some invisible zombie butt, Ali Alice in Zombielandis, quite frankly, not what I was expecting It s BETTER It ROCKS It totally KICKED ASS, which I guess should ve been expected of a Gena Showalter book incorporating zombies into my favourite childhood story I always used to want to go to Wonderland before, but screw that now one ticket to the kick ass world of Alice s Zombieland, please This book starts off with a bang and I mean that literally Ali s crazy dad, her adorable little sister, and her loving mother are all taken away from he She Won T Rest Until She S Sent Every Walking Corpse Back To Its Grave ForeverIf Anyone Had Told Alice Bell That Her Entire Life Would Change Course Between One Heartbeat And The Next, She Would Have Laughed From Blissful To Tragic, Innocent To Ruined Please But That S All It Took One Heartbeat A Blink, A Breath, A Second, And Everything She Knew And Loved Was GoneHer Father Was Right The Monsters Are RealTo Avenge Her Family, Ali Must Learn To Fight The Undead To Survive, She Must Learn To Trust The Baddest Of The Bad Boys, Cole Holland But Cole Has Secrets Of His Own, And If Ali Isn T Careful, Those Secrets Might Just Prove To Be Dangerous Than The Zombies I was obviously expecting too much from this book, because boy was I disappointed.
Alice was an okay character, I felt sorry for her because of the way she lost her whole family, and the way she blamed herself for it It must have been really hard for her to find herself so alone, and to have to deal with the knowledge that the monsters her father raved about were actually real The storyline in this revolved around Alice learning to fight zombies, and it got old real quick I got bored I felt like half the book was info dump after info dump, and I didn t really care for the insta love romance either I mean really The ending to this did save this book for me a bit At around the 90% mark it actually got interesting It didn t last for long though Can t say I m desperate to read the next one Just another example of not buying the sequel before you read the first one Sarah.
6 out of 10 I m sure you ve heard this before, but Alice in Zombieland has very little to do with Lewis Carroll s classic In fact, aside from the title itself and the white rabbit shaped cloud that warns our Ali of danger, there s nothing connecting the two As someone who stays as far away from retellings as possible, I was overjoyed when I discovered this, but if you go into this expecting a new version of that story, you might find yourself disappointed.
Alice in Zombieland is, above all, a fun little book suitable for younger audience While there are plenty of hot scenes and sexual references in there to contradict what I just wrote, the overall story lacks enough substance and depth to satisfy a mature reader This is mostly due to formulaic narrative and stock characters That s no

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[ Pdf Alice in Zombieland ☆ picu PDF ] by Gena Showalter à pamyatnik.pro Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been