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É Beat the Gym é Download by É Tom Holland While working in the gym, I came across this book on digital downloads and thought clearly I have nothing else to do I liked the beginning of it, I was over it by the time he got to the pictures of exercises A lot of what he said I found to be true There is no cap on the membership When people come in to talk to the sales team, they walk them around and show them the gym and all the equipment, the locker rooms the free towels, and the free child care but they never talk about what the gym can do for them They might ask about goals but I don t think they really care about your goals Each person who joins should get at least 2 weeks of instructions for proper use of equipment, do s and don ts of the gym, and making sure they don t hurt themselves on the machines I see staff walking by looking at people in the free weights area who could potentially hurt themsel If you know next to nothing about the gym like me then this is a helpful book Holland describes many exercise movements including proper form for each He talks about the various exercise machines and what they re good not good for Probably the most valuable part of the book is towards the end a list of 35 workouts ranging from 20 Minute Total Body Blast to Upper Body Focus Barbells and Machines to The Perfect 30 30 Cardio and Strength Circuit One particularly frustrating thing about exercise and fitness book is general including this one is the ridiculous and false claims made on the cover Holland s book, for example, says The ABSolute Best Exercise to Flatten Your Stomach Now, open to page 182 where Holland writes, Men waste an enormous amount of time trying to flatten their guts through endless ab exercises Say it with me now abdominal exercises do no Tom Holland Is The Supportive And Informative Coach, The Motivational Voice And The Personal Touch That You Crave When You Start Any Workout Regimen Lucy Danziger, Editor In Chief, SELF MagazineTom Holland Was Voted One Of The Top Trainers In America By Women S Health Magazine And Is A Frequent Fitness Expert On TV S Good Morning America In Beat The Gym, He Provides The Inside Scoop On How To Get The Most From Your Gym Experience And Reach Your Peak Exercise And Weight Loss Goals Offering Personal Trainer Secrets Without The Personal Trainer Price Tag The First Book Of Its Kind, Beat the Gym Offers Essential Tips And Exclusive Workouts To Help You Save Thousands Of Dollars And Still Build The Body Of Your Dreams I like the encyclopedic, no nonsense approach trainer Tom Holland takes in Beat the Gym Personal Trainer Secrets Without the Personal Trainer Right now I can t afford a personal trainer And I don t feel pressured because I ve trained with some awesome people in the past On my own, with a Fitbit and MyFitnessPal and common sense I didn t know I had, I have gone from a high of 186lbs last Jan.
1 to today s weight of 146.
4 Not bad for a total slacker who rebels against her own to do list, but I digressI have the ebook version of Beat the Gym and it s a great little reference for someone who, after walking over 1800 miles last year, is now ready to build muscle Here s the thing, however, I refuse to join a gym For right now I don t have the time in the day I would prefer to continue walking my Siberian Husky also known as My Best Friend Forever and meditate on the Goal for cardio should be your weight how many minutes per week10% of workout time should be abs Strong abs protect lower back musclesSlow count to 2 on raising the weight, slightly slower on down lowering the weight Do these exercises to protect from injury physical therapy later machine leg extension knee problems , back extension, cable shoulder rotation10% of workout time on abs I read this in a single 45 minute sitting I did skim some of the longer paragraphs because I don t need to be convinced to workout I just need a clearer idea of what to do when And this book did that Finally, a book with actual people demonstrating proper lifting and a wide variety of workout lists to draw from so that I am not overwhelmed when I stare at all the machines and don t know where to begin Only time will tell if I stick to any of it but I ll hang onto the book a while so I don t get stuck in a boring routine.
I enjoyed this book and have been using many of the techniques I found in it and I do feel like I m getting out of my workout.
Informative if you are a newbie to the gym.

So I just joined a gym I hadn t even thought that there might be a book about how to go to the gym, ie what to do and what not to do So it was destiny when my two year old went running past a shelf at the library, grabbed this book with a nearly naked man on the cover, and ran full speed to the children s section and threw it, face up of course, on the lego table and then laughed her guts out That episode, and her propensity for stripping, make me a little nervous about her future This book is informative for the newbie gym goer If you are a well seasoned gym person you might roll your eyes It would be like a mathematics professor from Harvard taking an algebra class Nothing new.
Also, does this publisher not use spell check There were several times that simple words were misspelled, ie the was spelled th.
5 An interesting, quick read to get the most out of your gym membership I enjoyed the right way wrong way equipment use photos.

Tom Holland

É Beat the Gym é Download by É Tom Holland Tom Holland is a renowned Exercise Physiologist and Certified Sports Nutritionist An elite athlete himself, Holland has completed over 60 marathons and ultramarathons as well as 21 Ironman triathlons around the world He holds a Master s Degree in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology and has been certified by the CISSN, ACSM, NSCA CSCS, NASM, ACE, and AFAA He is the author of The Marathon Metho