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é Betrayal Ø Download by ✓ Mayandree Michel Well, Cookie Monster said it better that I ever could There was awful spelling, overused similes, dragged out descriptions, and pretty much non existant plot I was caught between laughing and launching the thing at the wall I chose to laugh, because I read it on my laptop, and these things are expensive.
But honestly What the crap The periwinkle empire mini dress was made of delicate cotton, and was perfect for this profusely obscene weather Profusely obscenewait, what I think that s just a BIT over the top, don t you agree Right now, as I stare at myself in macabre, the weather seemed to react to my death Gloomy clouds rolled onto the cerulean blue sky like shaken dice, masking it in several shades of gray The rumbles of thunder seemed to protest my demise The plural of dice is die And that s the least of the problems w Got this from as it has a fairly good rating, but found very quickly that the writing style is extremely stilted Some weird expressions as well as very, very much telling Not much showing at all Further, it is badly edited So far I have found where instead of were , here instead of hear The book begins with our heroine Cordelia, while running towards her bus, bumping into a brick wall of a shadow and she starts to shoot lightning out of various parts of her body before passing out extract from book removed from this review at the author s requestShe ends up in hospital but is quickly released and back to studying and working She works in a souvenir shop, where time drags and we are told that she can t wa read This Review More Like It On My Blog I struggled mightily with this book I liked the idea for the story descendants of the Olympian Gods have a hidden, secret Empire in present day and also vampires, werewolves, etc However, it was a good idea poorly executed in many parts of this looong book Coming in at 662 pages, this is far from the longest book I ve read this year However, I feel like I was counting every single one of those six hundred odd pages it literally sapped my strength to finish this book Why Well, my first issue was the pacing Incredibly, ridiculously slow and filled with little real content The beginning suffers the most from the meandering pace, and thus made it hard for me to connect to the characters or to be invested in the outc I got to read this amazing novel pre launch and as soon as it debuts I m running out to get a copy M.
Michel is a new author who has written a compelling story of love, deception, magic, greek myth, historical fantasy, and time travel what a winning combination I couldn t stop reading until I finshed, and then wanted The protagonist, Cordelia, wasn t the average teenage girl you read about these days weak and dependent on some guy she met yesterday ugh Cordelia was very likable because the author made her REAL She was strong but also had vulnerabilities Cordelia s love interest, Evan, was the kind of guy I d want protecting me sensitive, attentive and gorgeous too All of the characters were interesting in the I almost didn t spend the measly 99 cents for this book after reading a couple of 1 star and 2 star reviews I do realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion so I decided to form my own I succumbed to the gorgeous cover and finally bought the ebook for my Kindle I m THRILLED that I did Luckily for me, I didn t let those 1 2 star reviews deter me I didn t think it was slow as others are describing The story grabs you from the beginning with the detail The author lays out the foundation of the blah western town where Cordelia the MC lives and drops the first bomb in like the first chapter From then on it s a rollercoaster of unpredictable event after event This book turned out to be a beautiful story, and beautifully written The author did a phenomenal job of creating a unique world of her own mythology largely based on Greek mythology, Vampires, shifters, ghosts, and mag First, I have to say a big thank you to Mayandree Michel who gave me the chance to review her book per launch I m very grateful and honoured to have had the opportunity.
I really enjoyed this book Most of the time I found that I didn t want to stop reading I wanted to know what would happen next, all the way up to the end The writing itself was beautiful and flawless It was detailed and interesting, painting a picture of exactly what was happening and the world the story was set in The writing itself lends a lot to the time in which the book is set maintaining that proper, correct pronunciation and word use I loved the idea of this novel The story and concept was unique and not something I d heard of before it wove Greek Myth and Lore together with the popular supernatural creatures we all love nowadays, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and The story starts out slow, and yet no Where There Is Love And Power, There Is Always BetrayalAt Seventeen, Cordelia Is An Ordinary Teen With An Extraordinary And Frightening Secret A Secret That Induces Vivid Dreams Which She Not Only Experiences True Love, But Crippling Fear While Barely Escaping With Her Life Each NightAfter A Life Altering Event, Cordelia Has An Unexpected Encounter With Evan, The Mysterious Boy From Her Dreams, Who Reveals Who And What She Is, A Descendant Of The Greek Gods At That Moment Everything She Knows Of Her World Is A Lie, And She Must Leave The Present And Go Into The Past To Assume The Role She Was Put On This Earth For, Safeguarding Her Ancient Empire Amidst Evil Forces That Toil Hastily To Destroy It In A Race Against Time, Cordelia Must Decide If She Is Truly A Part Of This Dangerous World, Or Risk Defying The Gods, And Ultimately Lose The Boy Who Has Put A Claim On Her HeartBetrayal Is The Debut Novel By Mayandree Michel She Is Currently Hard At Work On The Second Installment Of The Descendants Series Learn About Mayandree At Mayandreemichel Betrayal, the debut novel by author Mayandree Michel, doesn t read like a debut at all This book has all of the necessary elements for a really great paranormal romance It s engaging, with a fantastic storyline and outstanding characters.
Mayandree s capability to create engrossing three dimensional characters is spectacular In my opinion, the characters drove the story as well as the plot Evey single character was essential to the story and not a prop With each introduction of every character, they come to life with depth and personality, making them totally believable They each have their own secrets and stories woven into each other, adding to the complexity and anticipation of this intriguing tale.
The brilliantly constructed plot and intensity of some of the scenes adds to the suspense building throughout the story There was a load of unexpected twi Every once in a while you come across a book that is as brilliant as it is breathtaking Betrayal is the one I loved, loved, loved this book I would shout it from the mountain tops if I could At first I was thinking what a gorgeous cover but 600 pages yeah this will drag but a few chapters in and I was hooked Just when I m thinking OMG this book is amazing and it can t get any better than this it got better and better I couldn t put it down I was reading it every free moment I had I was dying to know what was going to happen next and then I didn t want it to end Even after I was done reading the book, I couldn t stop thinking about the characters and their world I m so happy I chose to read Betrayal for so many reasons.
I m a big fan of Greek Mythology and I m so happy that it s making a comeback in YA You expect a Greek Mythology story to have powerful and s This was the worst book I ve ever read When people say that, they re usually exaggerating But in this case, when I say, This was the worst book I ever tried to finish but couldn t, I m telling the complete, 100% truth Betrayal sits in this rare bookshelf on my Goodreads account for all 8 now 9 books that I couldn t finish To Mayandree Michel, the self published author of thisthing, please go take an English class Please I m not saying my own writing is perfect But I acknowledge my errors while Michel is under the illusion that she is a good writer Betrayal is a combination of 1st grade grammar, misplaced grammar, ridiculous description, and a WTF what is going on plot Do I need to describe how much I hated this No,I don t think I can even describe to you the sheer stupidity of this book Now, even if I took away the grammar

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é Betrayal Ø Download by ✓ Mayandree Michel Mayandree writes young adult paranormal romance and historical fantasy When she s not writing, she s playing with her kids, reading or sketching Her first novel, Betrayal The Descendants, 1 2nd, Sacrifice The Descendants, 2 are available now The third novel in the series, Mercy, will release in September 2014.Websites