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[Walker Percy] ↠´ The Moviegoer [aviation-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download  This is my favorite novel of all time It is the story of Binx Bolling, a successful, socially prominent New Orleans stockbroker from an old and wealthy family, and how he faces his life in the week of Carnival leading up to his thirtieth birthday on Ash Wednesday Binx is an avid and successful skirtchaser, but he really loves his stepcousin Kate, a manic depressive The book tells us that a life spent seeking happiness is almost doomed to failure, that happiness, both as a concept and as a reality, is difficult to grasp and difficult to retain Instead we might strive for a life of alert, intelligent engagement with those around us It will involve pain as well as pleasure, but it is an approach that gives us the possibility of authenticity Joy and sadness come by turns, I know now Beauty and bravery make you sad, and victory breaks I couldn t get through this book Percy writes a detailed and interesting setting, and a meandering narrator main character.
But really, I think the same way about this as I do books like Emma As in, why do I care if rich idiots are sad about their affluent lifestyle that is free of any socio economic or actual danger Oh, poor rich white middle aged depressed man, who makes a lot of money, is breathlessly racist and sexist, and spends all his time manuvering to get his secretaries into bed Get a life.
This review contains spoilers New Orleans, 1960 s Jack Binx Bolling is 30, comes from a well off background, makes his money as a stock broker, and likes girls, and oh yes, he likes going to movies.
a lot But Binx is not happy, he is stuck, going without direction, without purpose problem is, he doesn t know where to go, what to do next His distant cousin, Kate Cutrer, he can relate to She is also stuck, mainly because she suffers severe psychological issues There is a connection with them, they understand one another, and their destinies are seemingly meant to be entwined.
I loved this book, I loved these characters, not because they were perfect, but because they were not I could relate to them, I think most people can And I think that is why this book is loved by so many It makes you think about why Shitty, shitty book With no plot worse, no climax, whatsoever Justpretty megabaffling All hail the Biblioracle, for his powers are immense I realize that many of you will not be acquainted with this prophet of proper book choices He writes a column for the Chicago Tribune s weekly book review supplement Aside from short essays on book related topics think pithier versions of chapters in Anne Fadiman s Ex Libris , he invites readers to submit their own five most recent selections from which he divines the next one that should go on the list It s a fun exercise for someone like the Biblioracle a.
a author John Warner whose mother ran a bookstore in his youth, always ready with suggestions Anyway, I submitted my own list, cheating just a little by including only the ones I really liked, and waited to see what the man with the oracular gift would suggest Turns out his recommendation, Skippy Dies, was one I d already read and loved, confirming his wisdom and reach When The Moviegoer Walker Percy s Novel of If That s All There Is Is that all there is, is that all there isIf that s all there is my friends, then let s keep dancingLet s break out the booze and have a ballIf that s all there is Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller If Walker Percy s The Moviegoer ever hits the screen, I m sure Peggy Lee singing Is That All There Is will be on the soundtrack And, if Binx Bolling is there to see it, I wonder if he ll recognize himself.
Not in the mood for a little Camus No Jean Paul Sartre Well, The Moviegoer probably won t be your cup of tea either It s existentialism Southern style, starring Binx Bolling a member of the well bred Bolling clan from Felicianas Parish, you know, Audobon s Happy Land, where America s best known ornithologist killed his specimens in order to paint them, and for some rea The Dazzling Novel That Established Walker Percy As One Of The Major Voices In Southern Literature Is Now Available For The First Time In Vintage Paperback The Moviegoer Is Binx Bolling, A Young New Orleans Stockbroker Who Surveys The World With The Detached Gaze Of A Bourbon Street Dandy Even As He Yearns For A Spiritual Redemption He Cannot Bring Himself To Believe In On The Eve Of His Thirtieth Birthday, He Occupies Himself Dallying With His Secretaries And Going To Movies, Which Provide Him With The Treasurable Moments Absent From His Real Life But One Fateful Mardi Gras, Binx Embarks On A Hare Brained Quest That Outrages His Family, Endangers His Fragile Cousin Kate, And Sends Him Reeling Through The Chaos Of New Orleans French Quarter Wry And Wrenching, Rich In Irony And Romance, The Moviegoer Is A Genuine American Classic EDIT today, this statue of Walker was placed near the river where we kayak It is also the annual weekend of his memorial literary fest in St Francisville I feel lucky to live where we do Novelist Walker Percy appears in Covington s Bogue Falaya Parkhttp www.
com northshore index.
Beautiful sentiments by the sculptor he was actually friends with Percyhttps tammanyfamily.
com 20original POSTWalker Percy lived about six miles from my house, so it was obviously a joy to have read this book set in our neck of the woods It s been too many years since I read this to comment on details but I ve got a warning and a betcha never knew this piece of trivia.
First, I would warn new readers that the book is a time capsule In order to truly appreciate it, one has to consider how women and minorities were treated Southern Existentialism New Orleans is both intimately related to the South and yet in a real sense cut adrift not only from the South but the rest of Louisiana A proper enough American city and yet within the next few hours the tourist is apt to see nuns and naked women than he ever saw before.
Walker PercyI love this Percy quote because he so aptly captures the essence of this city below sea level, affectionately known as The Big Easy Walker Percy was awarded the National Book Award for this 1961 novel his first novel centered on Binx Bolling, a detached and depressive thirty year old stockbroker in 1960 New Orleans, and his quest for purpose and redemption, through movies and literature until, finally, he makes life altering discoveries in life during the week of Mardi Gras In it, Percy explores ideas of cultural and spiritual alienation with a light lyrical I come away from The Moviegoer with very mixed feelings Walker Percy was a beautiful writer, and I found myself reading several passages than once just to enjoy the language, but I think I may be too old, even at 35, to truly appreciate and connect with a novel driven almost completely by existential feelings It s not that I never personally feel existential dread I do, far often than I d like but, for the most part, I got the reading of these types of novels out of my system as a teenager That s when I read Camus s The Stranger, for instance I probably should have read about Binx Bolling s search for meaning in the modern world back then.
What s weird about that is that I m now far closer to both Binx s age and place in life than I was as a teenager And maybe that s the problem Perhaps these kinds of books are mea

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[Walker Percy] ↠´ The Moviegoer [aviation-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download  pamyatnik.pro Walker Percy 1916 1990 was one of the most prominent American writers of the twentieth century Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he was the oldest of three brothers in an established Southern family that contained both a Civil War hero and a US senator Acclaimed for his poetic style and moving depictions of the alienation of modern American culture, Percy was the bestselling author of six fiction t