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¹ Read È Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby ç It seems there is no one I can fully trust, no one without a secret concealed inside themselvesThis quote describes half of the book.
Everyone has secrets And this book keeps showing that.
The writing is beautiful, easy and fast to read It never gets boring.
The art of telling a story plays a big part in this book.
Even though there isn t much action, this book keeps you guessing who may the traitor be.
The story has a steady pace, that focusesin the fact that we don t know anyone as well as we think and that we always find out new things about even the closest people to us.
It also focuses on the growing up subject and realizing your place in the world and knowing yourself , leaning that being YOU is enough.
One of the things this book shows is that our first impressions are almost always wrong, and maybe the one More people need to read this Really it s such a great book The writing was unique in a way that I liked It wasn t overly flourished, using big words and lenghty sentences to convey a message and yet it added to the story s magic When people scoff about YA and middle grade books I think of these kinds of books They are worth reading even though it s written for a younger audience I just don t know how authors can do it.
In this book we have Solveig who is the second daughter of the king but because she isn t pretty enough to be of use with marriage like her sister, she feels inadequate The setting is in a fortress that is surrounded by mountains and they are trapped for the winter There is a war going on outside these mountains and they were sent there for protection but they soon discover that it s anything but safe There is a traitor in their midst I would

And how I fear that day, for I know that when I look into my betrayer s face, I will see someone I thought I knew And I will still love them A Nordic king has gone to war To protect his three children while he is away, he has sent them, with a small household, to a remote steading Later, just before the fjord freezes over and shuts the steading in for the winter, he sends reinforcements a force of berserkers who exist uneasily alongside the others who dwell there.
Our heroine is Solveig, the middle child of the king Her beautiful older sister Asa will bring a great alliance when she marries Her younger brother Harald will be a warrior and become king one day Solveig, plain and seemingly unremarkable, feels overlooked by her father She is, however, a talented storyteller, and the king s skald, Alric, takes her under his wing and begins teaching her the art This training prov Solveig, her beautiful older sister and her younger brother, heir to the throne, have been sent to an isolated fort to be safe while their father battles an enemy who wanted to marry her sister With them are a skald, or bard, some family servants, and some soldiers, including a berserker Solveig thinks that as the middle child she has nothing to offer she is plain, she is a girl but the skald tells her she could learn to be one of the few female skalds Thus, over the long winter when they are closed in by the winter, Solveig studies the craft of the skald.
But danger is everywhere Solveig dreams of enemies coming to attack Someone else is sharing the snowy land with them and they may be housing a traitor, orthan one More andSolveig feels she is walking on very thin ice as danger and death stalk each of the With all the Rick Riordan obsessiveness and the focus on Greek Roman Egyptian mythology, I was REALLY excited to find a book that focuses on Norse mythology Also really excited to find out that it was a mystery, and not set in contemporary times, and with a strong female protagonist and beautiful writing.
I listened to the audio book on this way without knowing at first that it s narrated by my FAVORITEST audio book narrator, Jenna Lamia , and it was a great way to experience the book First, because a lot of the names words are not super intuitive to pronounce of course the word skald is pronounced scowled , and second because Jenna Lamia is THE BEST at internal monologue and thoughtful heroines I LOVED that this book centers around a mystery and Norse mytholo I m not sure what exactly it is about this book that made me love it so much It could be Kirby s pristine, purposeful prose, which weaves a delicately gritty yes spell from page one Or maybe the heroine, courageous, determined, compassionate Solveig, whose journey from feeling worthless to realizing she s beenthan worthwhile all along made me tear up on several occasions Or maybe the endearing array of secondary characters who populated this book and made it feel like home Or the gentle weaving throughout of Norse folklore and culture, giving the proceedings a mysterious, majestic air without there actually being any conventional fantastical elements OR the fact that this is very much a survival novel, which I always love The characters have to eke out a living while trapped in a wintry hall fenced in by a frozen Although this book is not very action packed, I found it very engaging While it may not have a lot going on in terms of plot, it builds suspense well, has a cast of likable characters, and ultimately has a nice message about the power of storytelling I really enjoyed it Longer review coming eventually maybe First Impressions Thea When I started Icefall, I expected an engaging YA fantasy novel I certainly was not expecting to be so enthralled by this beautiful, breathtaking, elegiac tale A fable of family, loyalty, honor a story about the strength of truth a lovingly crafted ode to the craft of storytelling Icefall is all of these things In the shortest, plainest terms, I loved this book.
Ana Icefall was not at all what I expected the cover is quite misleading, I thought, promising the grandeur of a Fantasy setting whilst in reality the setting has very few Fantasy trappings and the story itself is of the quiet, slow kind the kind that slowly yet surely shows its true face it began like any other YA novel only to end as one of the strongest stories I read this year I too, loved this book.
On the Plot Thea The second daughter of a great King, Solveig has always felt overlo Trapped In A Hidden Fortress Tucked Between Towering Mountains And A Frozen Sea, Solveig, Along With Her Brother The Crown Prince, Their Older Sister, And An Army Of Restless Warriors, Anxiously Awaits News Of Her Father S Victory At Battle But As Winter Stretches On, And The Unending Ice Refuses To Break, Terrible Acts Of Treachery Soon Make It Clear That A Traitor Lurks In Their Midst A Malevolent Air Begins To Seep Through The Fortress Walls, And A Smothering Claustrophobia Slowly Turns These Prisoners Of Winter Against One AnotherThose Charged With Protecting The King S Children Are All Suspect, And The Siblings Must Choose Their Allies Wisely But Who Can Be Trusted So Far From Their Father S Watchful Eye Can Solveig And Her Siblings Survive The Long Winter Months And Expose The Traitor Before He Succeeds In Destroying A Kingdom Young adult fiction tied to myths and stories Yep, that s me And it turned out to be a gripping and imaginative story with great characters and a unique setting Kirby really explores issues of trust in a community pushed to the brink while at the same telling a powerful coming of age story about a child awkwardly trying to find her identity in contrast to the beautiful sister and the young brother and heir to the throne.
Three reasons you should read this one 1 Great characters Starting with Solveig this story is a mix of great characters As noted above, Solveig struggles to find her place in the world She is plain and has no clear place in the hierarchy of her community Her sister is the beautiful princess who reminds everyone of her beautiful mother and whose beauty brings status to her father the king Her brother is the young heir to the throne ful

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¹ Read È Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby ç pamyatnik.pro Matthew Kirby was born in Utah, and grew up in Maryland, California, and Hawaii As an undergraduate he majored in history, and then went on to pursue an M.S in school psychology For ten months out of the year he works with students, and during the rest of the year he writes He and his wife currently live in northern Utah.