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Download Epub Format Å Beloved Rogue PDF by á Penelope Williamson An Enemy S PassionBeautiful, Raven Haired Alexia Carleton Was A Young Englishwoman About To Be Wed When She Was Abruptly Swept Up And Carried Off By The Daring And Devilish Jamie Maxwell, A Scot Whose Clan Had Feuded With Her Family For Generations But The Golden Haired Rogue, So Reckless In Battle, Was A Man Of Tender Passion Who Touched The Heart Of His Lovely Captive In Ways She Could Not Resist Helpless In The Arms Of The Enemy She D Sworn To Despise, Alexia Vowed To Be His Forever Until Their Scheming Families Ignited A Raging Storm Of Doubt And Distrust That Threatened To Consume Themor Unite Them Forever In The Radiant Splendor Of An Indestructible Love I like Williamson s books She includes interesting historical facts in her stories, and her characters are well drawn, believable, as realistic an one can be in fiction.
Overall Rating 3.
85 Action 4 Emotion 4.
5 Romance 4.
5 Sensuous 1.
5 Suspense 4 Historical Flavor 4 Laughter 4 Tears 4 In conclusion, Beloved Rogue is an enjoyable, but not must read Historical Romance Williamson created 1 Jamie the perfect alpha, hunky, hero in spite of a disapproving harridan of a mother who never seemed to make a mis step except when it came to dealing with the heroine 2 Alexia a heroine that was too strongly opinionated, even though she, too, had a mother who faulted her every action 3 many wonderfully written and engaging supporting characters that added depth and interest to the story 4 several exciting sequences of action that added an adventurous flavor to the book 5 a deeply moving emotional story that brought laughter and tears 6 love at first sight romance and all the foibles that come with such an event 7 lots of passionate lovemaking peppe This book is rather boring after awhile.
I guess, some people like itthen others but I have left it alone for months and can t seem to get back in to the story.
Think I may give this to the libary or second hand bookshop.
Three stars is maybe a little generous, but oh well I did enjoy it, despite its imperfections I believe this was Penelope Williamson s first book she definitely improved later on.

Penelope Williamson

Download Epub Format Å Beloved Rogue PDF by á Penelope Williamson Penelope Williamson is an internationally renowned author of historical romance and suspense Penelope Williamson was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and spent the first eleven years of her life as an US Air Force brat She has a B.A in history, an M.A in broadcast journalism, and was in the U.S Marine Corps for six years, where she reached the rank of Captain She has than 1.8 million books in