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[ Read Online Keeping the Moon ☆ princesses PDF ] by Sarah Dessen Ö You believed you were beautiful and so did the rest of the world I appreciate Ms.
Sarah Dessen s ability to come up with meaningful stories out of a linear plot which seems true in all her books I ve read I don t believe her books have this gripping power on me as a reader and yet I still keep reading them perhaps because they re very easy to read Keeping the Moon is simply about Colie, a very shy, unconfident girl despite her mom being a celebrity who spends her summer with her not so ordinary aunt and unexpectedly gains not only true friends but self worth as well I like that the few characters and the small town setting gave the story focus and plausibility It s Summery and heartwarming just like most Sarah Dessen s books.
For me, this wasn t as good as other Sarah Dessen books And before I even begin reading it, I ve had high expectations on this one, because I ve read that this is Sarah s favorite among the books she d written But it doesn t quite keep me interested in it like her other novels did.
I don t really like Colie the main character narrator that much She s just usually quiet and doesn t stand up for herself, not until the very end And I kept waiting for something big to happen, like a twist or just some event to get me on the edge while reading But it doesn t come I didn t really realize I was close to the end, because I kept waiting and waiting, so I was stunned that I was almost finished reading when i m on the last few pages.
But it still has some morals in it I learned that nobody really failed on anythi not my favorite sarah dessen.
this goes for a good message of, like, self esteem and all, but MAN does it get into a good deal of fat shaming and slut shaming and girl hate and just really horrendous unjustified nonsensical bullying along the way.
also, every single background character in this book is a goddamn villain out to get at least one of the main characters and that s just unreal.
i do like the theme of the only thing it takes to be a beautiful girl is decide you re one because, um, extremely true as hell and i think dessen was going for something good here did she get there questionable.
bottom line mehhhhhh but the sarah dessen reread extravaganza will continue

5 stars Just read if you want to read all the Dessen books Otherwise, skip it The book abruptly ends and there s no real closure to Colie s slightly frayed relationship with her mother One good thing I will say is that I enjoyed Isabel and Morgan s relationship friendship Colie is sent to stay with her Aunt Mia for the summer Her famous mother is traveling and Colie is shuffled off for the summer You may initially get the impression that Colie s mother doesn t care, but she does We just don t get a lot of time getting to know them much cause Dessen drops tidbits here and there and jumps around We find out that Colie is having a hard time at school and that rumors about her have caused her to hide herself Meeting Morgan, Isabel, and Norman slowly has her coming out of her shell I do say though I m not a huge fan of suddenly a girl being gorgeous by getting her hair done, eye I have great news guys I am finally done my Sarah Dessen marathon I know I haven t read Someone Like You, but I wasn t planning on reading that book I am so happy to move onto other books, I loved doing this marathon but I went through many ups and downs Sometimes, I wasn t a huge fan of her books but most of the time, I loved her books HAPPY DANCEYou should never be surprised when someone treats you with respect, you should expect itColie is a fifteen year old girl who has been bullied her whole life Her mother is Kiki Sparks, famous for most of her wight loss advertisements Colie feels so alone and doesn t have any friends That is until she moves in with her aunt named Mira, for the rest of the summer Since Colie s mom is touring Europe, she has no choice but to live with her aunt But while she lived with her aunt, she learned so much Colie feels like she has been abandoned, and to anyone else, it might actually look that way to, being dropped off to spend the summer with an Aunt she hardly knows As Colie tries to adjust to her very different Aunt Mira and her strange artistic tenant, Norman, she lands a waitressing job at the local diner and meets Morgan and Isabel, two girls who have gone through high school and survived Over the course of the summer Colie finds out this might have been just what she needed.
I really liked Norman he was my favorite character, his personality just made me smile Through out the book there were several parts where I was on the verge of tears or about to bust out laughing, it kept me hooked and wanting to not stop until I There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ISBN HereColie Expects The Worst When She S Sent To Spend The Summer With Her Eccentric Aunt Mira While Her Mother, Queen Of The Television Infomercial, Tours Europe Always An Outcast First For Being Fat And Then For Being Easy Colie Has No Friends At Home And Doesn T Expect To Find Any In Colby, North Carolina But Then She Lands A Job At The Last Chance Cafe And Meets Fellow Waitresses Morgan And Isabel, Best Friends With A Loving Yet Volatile Relationship Wacky Yet Wise, Morgan And Isabel Help Colie See Herself In A New Way And Realize The Potential That Has Been There All Along 5 Words Friendship, confidence, unique, girl power, change.
This was my first ever Sarah Dessen and I definitely enjoyed it It was a relatively quick read that I didn t have to focus 100% on which is a good thing as I was puppy sitting.
Last Chance was quite empowering It made me feel good But it also made me angry I hate bullies I can t stand them.
I liked that all of the characters had changed by the end and that you learned so much about them They were quirky, multi dimensional and believable.
I wish I had read this ten years ago, that s when it would have done the most for me The message of friendship and being yourself and staying strong is one I wish I d had back then.
Not my favorite Dessen, but like all her books that I ve read so far, it s compulsively readable and likable, and full of great, quirky characters, honest emotion, and unforgettable settings I love the way Dessen writes female friendships in particular they always feel real and nuanced, veering from loving exasperation to crazy joy to impatience to rock steady love Just like all the best relationships I ve known in real life.

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