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✓ Read º Torchwood: Ghost Train by James Goss Í I ve currently made it my goal to read listen to all the Torchwood books and James Goss has become my favourite author when it comes to them, but this was the peak of them all I liked it even than Department X, and Kai Owen did an amazing job with it The music, when present, was just in place and only enhanced the experience The amount of Ianto in it pleased me too, and the characterisation was, just like always with Goss, spot on.
The book takes place between season 2 and 3 and that s all I m gonna say because of spoilers The concept was amazing, as I m usually a fan of timey wimey plots, and this didn t disappoint All in all, I d recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the show.
for Kai Owen s superb narration 1 2 for the storyThe most enjoyable aspect about this one apart from Kai s narration was the fact that it was told from Rhys perspective The plot was just ok, but I liked it than some others because of the different vantage point Definitely worth the time to listen.
It S Not Easy Being Rhys Williams You Re Married To The Sexiest Woman In Torchwood She Saves The World For A Living, You Move Lorries Round In A Timely Fashion Suddenly, You Ve Got A Mystery Of Your Own Oh, It Starts Off Being About Missing Fridges But It Leads To A Midnight Train Pulling Into An Abandoned Platform At Cardiff Station What Is The Mysterious Cargo That Rhys Is Unloading From The Train Where S It Going And What Can Be Behind It Rhys Williams Is Going To Get To The Bottom Of It All By Himself, Thank You Very Much Soon Captain Jack Is Missing, His Wife S Dead, And It S Up To Rhys To Try And Put Everything Right And Find Those Fridges Written Specially For Audio By James Goss, Ghost Train Is Set Before The Children Of Earth TV Story And Features Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper And Ianto Jones, As Played By John Barrowman, Eve Myles And Gareth David Lloyd In The Hit Series From BBC Television It Is read By Kai Owen, Who Plays Rhys CDs Hrs Mins Kai Owen reads this exclusive Torchwood audio which is entirely from Rhys POV.
He does an excellent job and it is quite a nice twist to see things from the outside in so to speak The beginning of this one is brilliant Rhys smells something fishy when fridges go missing from his haulage firm and he begins to investigate I also thought this was a really solid depiction of Rhys Gwen s marriage.
What I hated was the actual plot when it finally kicks in It s a convoluted mess involving time travel, a train service through the rift and aliens cloning a long dead train driver and shape shifting alien assassins It s nicely cyclical in that future Rhys has been leaving himself clues but otherwise really not one of my favourites story wise You really need to keep your wits about you to follow what s going on.
Saying that Kai does a gr A very fun story made better by excellent narration Because the story was told rom Rhys s point of view, Kai Owen was essentially playing himself, and he was clearly having a lot of fun with it The story was a solid Torchwood story about, you guessed it, an alien invasion, but this one is stymied by Rhys with assistance from the Torchwood crew No spoilers needed, just go listen to this story.
Kai Owen did a remarkable job with this Rhys centric creepy story.
If you follow my Doctor Who Torchwood reviews haha or perhaps know me in real life and have been caught in one my of my I really hate James Goss rants than you know I the standards that I hold Goss to Every Goss book audio or print I have read I have rated it either a D or F In fact the last Goss book I read Department X was the first not to receive the fatal F rating And then comes along Ghost Train I don t know why but this one was phenomenal Ghost Train is in Rhys Williams point of view 1st person mind you and has the added bonus of being narrated by Kai Owen who is the actor who plays Rhys on the show That s just brilliant We get to see everything from Rhys perspective and maybe I am a sucker for that kind of stuff Goss is very good at mentioning a lot of past references in Doctor Who and Torchwood in the novel For example that Rhys lov

of the two Torchwood audio books just released, both I think by Goss who I find a tremendously impressive writer and read by Kai Rhys Williams Owen, set in the gap between Torchwood series 2 and 3 Ghost Train is told as a first person narrative by Rhys, who gets sucked into a peculiar alien invasion with added time travel paradoxes, and ends up pilfering from himself It s slightly retconning to put Rhys, whose great virtue in the TV show was that he was a lightning rod to normality, as the central character in a tale of the creepy unknown, but the story is a brilliant mixture of humour and horror, and Owen is a great reader his Jack is a little too drawly, but of course he is playing Rhys doing Jack rat This is one of the fun books of the Torchwood series It takes place somewhere between season 2 and 3 I think and its read by Kai Owen, who plays the lovely Rhys Williams in the Torchwood TV series I ve listened to audio books by him and he does have a nice voice for narrating these kinds of things It s funny to see the whole Torchwood experience through the eyes of Rhys and how he deals with all of it Starting with missing fridges, calling in the help of Torchwood, not getting any Trying to be Sherlock bloody Holmes in his own words And how he sort of fails to notice the whole of Cardiff burning around him, solely focused on solving the mystery He follows up a lead to the train station and from there on out things go crazy Bloody Torchwood.
It s one big paradox time travel mess, or as the 2 CD Torchwood story written for audio, and set between second and third series It s read by actor Kai Owen, for the very good reason that it s a first person narrative from one Rhys Williams, haulage manager What we get is not just actor reads book , but actor in character tells us a story about what happened when he got mixed up in an alien invasion last week return return Rhys has a problem in the form of missing fridges, which to begin with looks like perfectly ordinary pilfering But as Rhys looks into it, the mystery starts acquiring enough weirdness round the edges to make him think it could be Torchwood territory Pity Torchwood s having a really bad day, and he can t even get advice about how to investigate his own little pr

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✓ Read º Torchwood: Ghost Train by James Goss Í pamyatnik.pro James Goss has written two Torchwood novels and a radio play, as well as a Being Human book His Doctor Who audiobook Dead Air won Best Audiobook 2010 James also spent seven years working on the BBC s official Doctor Who website and co wrote the website for Torchwood Series One In 2007, he won the Best Adaptation category in the annual LA Weekly Theatre Awards for his version of Douglas Adams