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õ Seven Tears Into the Sea ¹ Download by ☆ Terri Farley Seven Tears Into the Sea ia a beautiful story and the writing is concise and clear but the story feels unfinished to me SO many questions left unanswered that bothered me.
The story is about Gwen, who at the age of ten, while sleep walking on the beach almost drowns and is saved by a selkie or did she imagine it The confusing thing about it is that sometimes the author refers to the person who saved her as a man and sometimes a boy so I was never sure When she is seventeen, she returns to the coast to help her grandmother run the inn she owns there and the selkie boy comes to Gwen again and they fall deeply in love The ending is sad and hopeful at the same time.
The unanswered questions are what did Thelma see when she on the beach when Gwen was ten years old and why did she lie about it What awful vision did Nana see in her scrying mirror Why doe Ok, this is so so bad it actually becomes good again because of how ridiculous it is.
The general plot isn t really worth going into, you know, normal girl is infatuated with magical guy, he s mysterious and brooding, she s intrigued, yada yada yada It reads really weird and at times completely ridiculous, like the really long and for some reason very detailed part where she goes clamming, by herself, for dinner I couldn t help marking my favorite oh my god why would that happen why are you saying that parts He looked down, and I felt my own blush Lucky it was dark I mean, here s another humiliating admission I d never noticed boys have nipples WHAT You are 17 years old You were a competitive swimmer I m assuming she s seen movies been to t Beckon The Sea, I Ll Come To Thee Shed Seven Tears, Perchance Seven Years At The Age Of Ten, Gwen Cooke Had A Strange Encounter With A Boy With Dark, Slightly Tilted Eyes He Came To Her On The Beach, Whispered Strange Words In Her Ear, And Then Disappeared Shortly Thereafter, Her Family Moved Away From Their Seaside Home And Gwen Never Saw The Boy Again Now Seventeen, Gwen Is Returning To Her Childhood Home Her Nana Asked Her To Come But Gwen Knows It S Time To Go Back For Another Reason She Yearns For The Sea Perhaps The Sea Itself Is Calling To Her Perhaps The Memory Of The Boy And His Haunting Words Are Drawing Her Back To The Place They Met Perhaps It S Time For Her To Face Her Destiny Beckon the sea, I ll come to theeShed seven tears, perchance seven years Aren t those lines just beautiful A handsome stranger speaks these haunting words to ten year old Gwen after he rescued her from drowning in the ocean one stormy night He disapeered back into the sea, and shortly after the incident Gwen and her family moved away from the ocean to San Franscisco For seven years, Gwen has pondered about that night Who was the mysterious boy Why was he swimming during the big storm, when the waves were brutal Trying to forget about the strange encounter backfires for Gwen when she is sent back to the California shore to assist her grandmother seven years after she moved away Coincedence Perchance seven yearsI LOVED this book Simple as that The atmosphere, the des Beckon the sea,I ll come to thee.
Shed seven tears,perchance seven years.
When Gwen Cooke was ten years old, she met a strange and beautiful boy on the beach who whispered eery words in her ears and then disappeared into thin air Soon after their encounter, Gwen and her family move away from their sleepy coastal home town.
Now, at age seventeen, Gwen has returned, and things are just as strange as they were when she left seven years before So I really liked this novel I read a review of this book, and the person felt that the story was slow For me, that was one of the reasons why I liked this book so much Even though it is a fantasy novel, the day to day going ons of Gwen made the storyrealistic She wasn t off doing wild things all the time, as some heroines are, but there was still enough wildness to keep the book intriguing In Seven Tears Into the Sea Terri Farley takes a mainstay of Celtic lore and transplants it to the present day in coastal northern California Selkie legends, in which seals shed their skins and come to shore in human form, have been the inspiration for many works Johns Sayles s film The Secret of Roan Inish is probably the most prominent of these in recent years.
Farley s novel begins with ten year old Gwen Cook, who lives with her parents in a cottage near the sea, encountering a young man late at night on the beach In her dreamy, sleepwalking state, Gwen is not sure whom she has encountered, nor does she understand the words he leaves her with Beckon the sea, I ll come to thee Shed seven tears, perchance seven years.
Her family soon leaves the area, but Gwen returns to their cottage seven years later This is the first time I ever hear of selkies As per Wikipedia Selkies also known as silkies or selchies are mythological creatures that are found in Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and Scottish folklore Selkies are able to become human by taking off their seal skins, and can return to seal form by putting it back on.
In Seven Tears Into the Sea, Ms Farley tells the tale of a selkie boy and his lady love What I most enjoyed about this story was the writing it flows with a lyrical quality making the story sometimes feel sad and other worldly, yet there were times that were light and funny Her characters are realistically portrayed although there is a paranormal element The descriptions of the beach, the town, and the bed and breakfast where Gwen is helping out at during the summer, really give it a relaxed feel but at the same time there are so many moments where it feels whimsical a

Seven Tears in the SeaWhen Gwen Cooke was ten, she was rescued from drowning by a strangely handsome young man, who whispered a rhyme into her ear, telling her to call for him with her tears in seven years time The people in town believed she d been molested Her parents soon moved her away to a larger city and she never visited, until now Gwen is acutely aware that it s been seven years, but she s headed back to the little town to help her grandmother who was recently injured with her bed and breakfast while staying at her old home, right next to the same beach where her mysterious rescuer last appeared.
The descriptions of the beach, the town, the cottage, and the bed breakfast are extremely well done, I could almost feel the sand beneath my feet, smell the air, and hear the seagulls calling The book is told from Gwen s point of view, we only know what Terri Farley tackles a scarcely written about Celtic legend in this sweet teen romance And, much to my delight, she does a very good job.
Again, my own bias slips in I was raised on selkies, ever since the fabulous children s book The Seal Mother was read to me at bedtime As someone who is absolutely obsessed with the story, I intend to read every book about selkies out there Most, however, are cheesy romance novels that I know I m not going to take too seriously Seven Tears Into the Sea , however, really captures the legend s spirit, though Farley doesn t go there as she should.
The romance crafted between Gwen and Jesse is, again,sweet than sexual I believed the bond, the possession Was it shallow Oh, yes, in many parts However, when you read the book It doesn t feel like it s supposed t I don t think this review is going to contain spoilers, because it is all very obvious from the beginning, but if you are a slow to catch on type then skip this review I kept telling myself I was too busy to read at my normal pace, when I realized that it was actually what I was reading that had me plodding through So now I m fininshed and Meh This is the story of a very beautiful girl who has never had a boyfriend, suddenly uprooted from familiar surroundings to a fantasy lifestyle when her grandma breaks a leg and needs her help She has a way cool hippie pagan type grandma, her hometown is a quaint and charming seaside village, and helping her grandma means she gets a dream job of helping to run a very successful and bea

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õ Seven Tears Into the Sea ¹ Download by ☆ Terri Farley Terri Farley is the author of Seven Tears into the Sea, the Phantom Stallion series for young readers and the forthcoming Wild at Heart Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them Fall 2015.Terri lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains with her journalist husband and pets, but still longs for the California beaches where she grew up She s worked as a waitress, journalist